State of the Blog: Last Midterm


One midterm exam left.  Not just for this semester, but for my entire law school career.  Therefore, my last midterm, evah.

It feels strangely anti-climactic.  Maybe because I know the bar is coming.  But how great is it that D.C. will start accepting the UBE bar exam this summer, so I won’t have to take two huge tests?  Totally sweet.

See you ladies tomorrow.  Then, next week, spring break and more time to blog!

xo, Belle

*image found here.



  1. SusieQ says:

    Good luck Belle? Will you be rejoining us in DC?

    March 3, 2016/Reply
  2. Alexis says:

    Congrats, Belle!! Seems like you left for law school yesterday.

    March 3, 2016/Reply
  3. Jess says:

    So does that mean you would be looking to move back to DC?

    March 3, 2016/Reply
  4. Jen says:

    Good Luck on your finals and thanks for keeping up on the site, I love reading it. xxoo

    March 3, 2016/Reply
  5. Mary says:

    Yay to being almost done!

    March 3, 2016/Reply
  6. Crystal says:

    Congratulations! Are you just going to get admitted in DC, rather than waive in? (Not up on the fancy new DC admissions process.)

    March 3, 2016/Reply
  7. Annie says:


    March 3, 2016/Reply
  8. Kate says:

    Congratulations! And a gorgeous photo, too.

    March 3, 2016/Reply
  9. Kristen says:

    I believe you can just waive into the DC bar (paperwork and a one day class) – thats what I did!

    March 4, 2016/Reply