Belle’s October 2015 Favorites

October is the last great month of the year.  November brings gloomy weather.  December is a hasty mix of final exams and holiday travel.  But October offers Broncos football, cognac tall boots, and the lingering possibility of lovely weather.  Here are a few of the other things I came to love this October.


1. M.Gemi Rivista Pump ($248) // 2. Double Cloth Trench Coat ($425) // 3. Peacemaker Ring ($58) // 4. V. Fraas Reversible Wrap ($88, image c/o Harper’s Bazaar) // 5. Jin Soon Azurite Polish ($18)

One. I am so over neutral shoes.  I want leopard and silver foil and these M.Gemi pumps in a conservative style, but bold colors (chianti, teal, gunmetal).  If my feet are going to be cold this winter, they’re going to at least look hot.

Two. J.Crew may have fallen down a style rabbit hole (I mean, seriously, what is that?), but their coats are still on point.  I’m also loving their cocoon coat in all its fun colors.

Three. This ring is just stunning.  I mean, look at the way it wraps the fingers.  How crazy/sexy/cool is that?  (Yes, I may be having a ‘Waterfalls‘ flashback right now.  Don’t judge.)

Four. You know I love a big scarf.  Bigger is always better.  I don’t care if it looks like it’s about to swallow my head hole. That is the look I am going for.  Best place to find the big scarves? ASOS, always, ASOS.

Five. This nail polish is a deep blue with fleck of metallic.  I am loving it.  A very close second?  This charcoal metallic polish from Formula X.


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  1. heatherskib says:

    Oh, Good. The obsession with cordovan/burgundy shoes isn’t just me!

    October 27, 2015/Reply