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Ask Belle: Makeup and Cosmetic Bags

Can you help me find a new makeup bag?  I had a Kate Spade bag but I don’t need anything that luxurious again.  Something less expensive would be better.  


There are two theories on makeup bags: 1) buy one large bag to hold everything, or 2) buy a few smaller bags and break up your storage by type of makeup (lip, eye, face, etc.).


LeSportsac Cosmetic Bag ($42)

I like one big bag.  My routine is pretty streamlined, so I like to have all my products in one place.  This lace-print bag is nice; it’s also spacious.  You also get a smaller square bag along with it.

This Steph&Co bag in a white leopard print is another great choice.  I like that it’s plastic-coated to protect against spills.  This Jane Iredale bag has some internal pockets to keep your organized.  Mark and Graham make a set of canvas bags that you can personalize.


Tartan & Twine Blythe Bag ($24)

Don’t need all that room?  Tartan & Twine makes a lovely selection of bags (the gold also comes in a train case).  I also like this leopard-print bag.

These Dogeared bags have cute little sayings printed on them.  I also like this Mango pocket-hem cosmetic bag with a separate zipped section underneath (perfect for lipstick).  I also like this ikat-print Steph&Co bag in a stain-preventing fabric.


Furla Babylon Set ($148)

This leather cosmetic bag set would be a nice Christmas present for the makeup-lover in your life.  I also recommend these leather Cuyana bags, which you can personalize.

No need for leather?  PBTeen has some cute bags; I like this grey set.  For something affordable, this striped canvas set is just $14.



  1. Valerie says:

    After my $5 drugstore makeup bag fell apart, I decided to get something sturdier but not investment-level expensive. Sephora’s “Vacationer” bag did the trick, especially since the top stores all my brushes and I don’t need a separate pouch for those.

    October 20, 2015/Reply
  2. cid says:

    I always buy make up bags from Ross or Marshalls. Ok quality and cheap enough that I don’t feel bad throwing them away after they get too dirty.

    October 20, 2015/Reply