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Ask Belle: Agendas and Planners

Hi Belle,

I’m a long time reader with a post request. Starting to think about 2016 (maybe getting ahead of myself!) and thinking about new agendas/planners. I use one from May Designs currently but I’ve seen others recommended – Emily Ley’s Daily Planner for example. Just curious if you have any thoughts on useful planners and thought it could an interesting post.

Feel better!  Megan

I recently started keeping a paper agenda for my school work.  I organize my calendar online, but deadlines for homework and assignments needed a paper home.  So while tech is good, sometimes paper is best.

I use a Graphic Image planner.  They come in a lot of great colors.  I also like their larger spiral notebooks for work.  For something similar at an affordable $20, try this academic planner.

One of my relatives swears by these Day Designer planners, also in rainbow stripe.  Kate Spade also makes a nice planner.

If you want something really chic — a sign of status, if you will — try an Hermes agenda.

Have a favorite planner, agenda, or notebook?  Leave your suggestion in the comments.



  1. AK says:

    I am OBSESSED with the full sized Day Designer. I balked at the pricetag (Who pays $60 for a planner, right?) before breaking down and buying one last year. Totally worth the money: it’s sturdy enough that it’s survived about a year of being toted around the globe when I travel, but it’s not so bulky that I feel like I’m dragging around a brick. I can’t get through the day without mine anymore!

    October 14, 2015/Reply
  2. Jen says:

    I’m loving Rifle Paper’s new agenda. I contemplated a Day Designer but trying to find them for sale seems to be impossible (they sell out really quickly).

    October 14, 2015/Reply
  3. thb says:

    I agree sometimes…paper is absolutely best. I would like to give a shout out for my planner which I was gifted. It is available in this etsy shop along with some personalized stationary stuff. The full size calendar (which I keep handy for reference at home) does the job nicely, but there are a lot of other options.

    October 14, 2015/Reply
  4. Jill says:

    I prefer a weekly planner and I love my planner from Erin Condren. I had a Lilly Pulitzer planner and Kate Spade planner prior to my Erin Condren planner and I prefer the Erin Condren planner. It isn’t necessarily “chic” but it does everything I need it to!

    October 14, 2015/Reply
  5. ABVV says:

    I used to use the myAgenda from MomAgenda, but now I’ve switched to this leather planner from Paper Source. I like being able to use both monthly and weekly views, and it’s got enough space for lists/details without being too enormous. Plus, it’s pretty (I’ve seen it in multiple colors in stores).

    October 14, 2015/Reply
  6. Mo says:

    I love my Circa notebook from Levenger with the Daily Planner sheets.—AGENDAS-523/Circa-Daily-Planner-Refill-12393.aspx

    They have a 7-7 workday and allow me to keep my billable time (I’m an attorney) as well as room for a daily to-do list and notes. You can purchase 3-month increments so you can figure out if they work for you.

    October 14, 2015/Reply
  7. Trace says:

    I’ve been using orange circle studio do-it-all planners for a few years now. I like that there’s additional space on each day that you can use to track other people’s schedules, meals, workouts, or whatever you want really. I usually grab em for $14 on amazon. Plus, the front “i’m a planner!” text is really a sticker that peels off and looks like journal.

    October 14, 2015/Reply
  8. Shawanna says:

    I was a gifted a Tory Burch planner for my birthday last year. I must say it held up pretty well being tossed about in bags for the year. The only thing that is missing is a pocket were I can keep bills or important papers. I like that it had three ribbon bookmarks (one for month view, one for the current week and one I keep in the notes section for the lists I keep. I initially balked at the price – $75 – who pays that much for an organizer – especially since I usually get mine from the bookstore for $20. I was just in the process breaking down and buying one of the Lilly Pulitzer ones for $35 (steep for me) when I got this one.

    October 14, 2015/Reply
  9. Stephanie says:

    I love my Plum Paper Planner. Similar in overall style to the Erin Condren, but you can opt for an hourly layout, which works so much better for me. I love the Erin Condren style checklist and notes area, but with the greater functionality for appointment. Plum paper also has student/teacher layouts and family layouts, if you have specific needs to see your schedule in that format.

    October 14, 2015/Reply
  10. Danielle says:

    I use a Leuchtturm1917 Notebook Medium (A5) and the bullet journal method. I’ve been using the bullet journal ( more than two years and it is hands down the best method for me. I’m an attorney with a busy practice and it keeps me highly organized. I keep track of appointments in my google calendar.

    October 14, 2015/Reply
    • Leah says:

      +1 for Bullet Journal! So much flexibility and can be as rigid as I need it to be.

      October 14, 2015/Reply
  11. Taylor says:

    Erin Condren’s LifePlanner is the best! You can personalize the front, it has weekly and monthly views, spaces for notes, folders — it’s perfect!

    October 14, 2015/Reply
  12. Sophie says:

    I’ve been using Moleskine’s Weekly Notebook Planner on and off for over 10 years. It comes in various sizes. On one side is the week and on the other side is a blank page for notes, grocery lists, personal to-do lists. I love it!

    October 15, 2015/Reply
    • Samantha says:

      +1 I love Moleskine planners. I used to use the Weekly Notebook Planner, but now use the Weekly Diary because it has a little more room on each day to write.

      October 15, 2015/Reply
    • Mary says:

      I have used this for a few years. I used the large (5 x 8 or so) for awhile then upgraded to the extra large (7.5 x 10, last year. I spend a little time every couple months customizing it. I draw a line down the center of the left page so each day has 2 squares. The left square is for appointments, the right square is for daily to-do’s (I use the bullet journal format). On the right hand page, I have three sections across the top for listing work to-do’s (sorted by the three main functions of my job). Then I have a few squares for dividing up household tasks, schoolwork (since I’m also a student), and tracking workouts. I leave one large square for drawing or writing quotes. I end up drawing and writing quotes elsewhere, too. I know a lot of people aren’t interested in the level of customizing I do, but I love my planner because it is truly a reflection of me and my life, and it gives me space to create art. My system has evolved over the last few years, and because I create it a few months at a time, I can change it as priorities in my life change.

      The slim, Moleskine format makes it easy to carry with me, and it is very durable.

      October 15, 2015/Reply
    • Jessica says:

      ++++++++ 100000 for the Moleskine Planners. I use the Weekly planner with the days on the left and a ruled page on the right. I’ve used a Moleskine planner for the last 7 years.

      I also caved and bought a Plum Planner – which is similar to the Erin Condren. There’s a sub-fan-group around the Erin Condrens/Plum Planners and people go nuts over decorating them with stickers. I used my Plum Planner for a month or so and it felt too large and juvenile but I kept it around to use at home for meal planning.

      October 19, 2015/Reply