Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: June 26, 2015



1) Eight Do’s and Dont’s for Finding and Keeping a Professional Mentor.

2) LOFT has some great pieces right now.  I am loving this bold, printed dress.  And this boho high-halter top would be perfect with white denim.

3) A man was tired of hearing women complain about their sore feet, so he wore high heels for a whole day.  The Today show captured the ensuing magic.

4) These Rebecca Minkoff studded sandals are not to be missed.

5) Big Data has changed the way Americans get divorced.  Imagine having your affair outed by your FitBit.

6) Two great cooking gadgets this week.  The first guarantees spreadable butter, the other keeps the other half of a used fruit/vegetable fresh.

7) How to tell fake designer handbags from the real thing.  And Who What Wear on why counterfeiters may be good for the fashion industry.

8) A lingerie expert reveals the best underpinnings for the office.  I love slipshorts, racerback t-shirt bras, and wide-strap camisoles.

9) Down with “the cool bride,” bring back Bridezilla.

10) Dillard’s is offering 30%-off clearance.  This Antonio Melani dress is perfect for the office, as is this business suit (under-$150).  This cute BCBG top is under-$50.  And don’t forget about petite and plus.

11) Fast Company explores how leaders can ask for help and still keep their team’s confidence.

12) And since it’s Friday, let’s ogle this gorgeous, sultry gown from La Chiara Boni.  That lace accent is divine.



  1. TCH says:

    I absolutely LOVE that Bridezilla article. It’s one day. It’s an expensive day. It’s OK, even expected, that you give a damn about it! No woman should be shamed for making her big day what she wants it to be. Now, I don’t agree with hurting feelings and being catty, but caring about your wedding is never a bad thing.

    June 26, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I agree to a point. I see nothing wrong with asking friends to spend some money to support you, as you would them. But when the bill for your wedding starts to explode, I start to wonder if you really would do all that for me.

      June 26, 2015/Reply
  2. Monica says:

    I understand what #9 is saying, I’ve seen lots of mention lately of how being “chill” or being the cool girl is really women subverting their feelings to be more appealing to men.

    Where it loses me is that it is addressing a symptom of the problem. Be cool with the unbearable stress of planning your “dream wedding” or be crazy about the unbearable stress of planning “your day”.

    I was a bride who really didn’t care what my bridesmaids wore, weighed or gave me. I had a wedding in my dad’s backyard because in my area venues are expensive, and I wanted to spend that money on good tacos and horchata from one of my favorite restaurants.

    It’s OK to care about different things (tacos > expensive dress), but don’t let another bride who is stressed out tell you not to be “cool” because it MUST BE feigned.

    June 26, 2015/Reply
  3. RG says:

    So, the lingerie expert suggests seamless underwear (to avoid VPL, I presume), but then suggests a garter belt? Is the garter belt not going to show through?

    June 26, 2015/Reply
    • Anna says:

      My dream is for winter weight tights that can be held up with garters or a garter belt. Can someone please invent that for me?
      I absolutely hate how constricting tights are plus the fact that it’s one more layer of fabric in an area where I’m already wearing several (undies, shirt, camisole, skirt, tights all meet in the midsection/hips). Women used to wear garters back when pencil skirts were all the rage, I don’t see why they wouldn’t work now.

      June 26, 2015/Reply
      • Mo says:

        American Apparel made opaque thigh highs last year. I bought them all.

        June 26, 2015/Reply
      • Gabrielle says:

        Target has thigh highs that have the rubber band to stay up. I love them by themselves, but then, if I have a lined winter skirt, I’ll add in a garter belt knowing I don’t have to rely on it. (I have yet to meet a garter belt that works really well.

        June 26, 2015/Reply
        • Anna says:

          Were the thigh-highs opaque? I’ve only ever seen them in sheer.

          June 26, 2015/Reply