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Ask Belle: Applying (Cream) Blush

Dear Belle, 

The posts you did on makeup tips for beginners were so helpful.  I mastered the foundation and concealer routine a few years ago, but I feel like I’m applying blush wrong.  And I’d love to try cream blush but I don’t have the first clue how to do it.  Any tips?


The secret to applying blush perfectly is three-fold: a) choosing the right shade for you, b) applying it to the right areas, and c) blending it in perfectly.

Choosing the wrong color is one of Real Simple’s top beauty blunders because it ages you.  Allure covers which shades to look for based on your skin color.

I have olive skin, so I wear Bobbi Brown’s plum blush on my cheekbones and a light wash of her pale pink on the apples.  If you’re looking for a drugstore powder blush, my favorite is Almay Smartshade Blush.  Boots Natural Tint blush is also a great option for under-$10.

Once you’ve chosen a blush you want to try, Corallista has tips for beginners on how to apply blush properly.  She covers the basic tips quickly and concisely, which is always appreciated.  If you need more instruction, GossMakeup has tips on how to apply blush to define or re-shape your face.

As for which brush to use, I love this soft, puffy Bobbi Brown blush.  Need something cheaper?  This Real Techniques brush is a great option.

Want to try cream blush?

The Makeup Geek has good tips for who cream blush is best for, how to apply it, and which brands work best.  For really intense color, this video from Nuberxo shows you how to layer cream and powder blush for maximum intensity.

As for which cream blushes I like, I recently started using Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge.  I’m still perfecting my technique, but I like wearing it on lighter makeup days and when I need to really perk up my look.  If you need a drugstore option, I recommend Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush.

Lastly, blending your blush is critically important.  Makeup.com has tips on how to blend your blush to achieve a natural look.  I also recommend lightly blending the edges with a makeup sponge to erase lines and make everything look seamless.



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