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Morning Line: December 12


Triple 7 Two-Tone Bag in Plum ($60)

I love these reversible totes.  They’re the perfect second bag.  You know, for when you need to carry fresh gym clothes, dry cleaning, extra files, etc.  It also makes a great weekend shopping bag–perfectly slouchy, and casual but cool.  And it’s the bottomless travel bag you can toss around like you just don’t care.

Triple 7 also makes a dark tan bag with a reversible red side.  Street Level makes a $48 bag that comes in five color combination.  I love the metallic shades and the pale pink.  And if you’re really cruising for a deal, Tilly’s offers your choice of black or brown for just $26.  Buy one and toss it in your desk to use as needed.


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  1. Sara says:

    Thanks. I thought I was the only one who bought bags for this purpose lol.

    December 11, 2014/Reply