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Belle’s Workday Reading: October 8, 2014



1) It’s cold and flu season again, dammit. Levo League recommends ginger for boosting immunity. I recommend Purell, Zicam, and Emergen-C.  Also, if your office is freezing cold, sit on a heating pad.

2) It’s everyone’s favorite line item, the under-$50 bag.  This navy dome satchel with a cross body strap is a fantastic.

3) LinkedIn offers some good tips for how to spot a bad boss during a job interview.  The article has some great examples of questions that you can ask to flesh out more about the boss, the job and the office culture.

4) Topshop has some great blazers available right now.  I love this white blazer with a contrast trim peplum.  This satin peplum blazer is sublime.  And don’t miss this eggplant collarless blazer.

5) Traveling for work? Wayfarer has a great tutorial on the most compact way to fold your suit jacket in your carry-on.

6) Elie Tahari designed a line of clothing for Kohl’s.  This textured black pencil skirt is incredible.  I also like this simple midi-pencil skirt.

7)  Are you one of those employees who doesn’t use her vacation days?  Shame on you. Vacations improve your mood, lower your stress level and give your heart and brain health a boost.  And according to this article, they also improve productivity when you get back to the office.

8) I adore this coffee mug, the lip-print in gold foil is so cheeky.

9) Bette Davis, feminist?  Thought on gender equality from one of old Hollywood’s toughest dames.

10) I love a necklace with punch.  This Sara Bella necklace from Nordstrom is a gorgeous mix of black, gold and mother-of-pearl.  This long, $40 Kenneth Jay Lane necklace also caught my eye; it has a chic coin-pendant.

11) Oprah offers some time-saving strategies that work. Best tip on the list: Tight scheduling.  A task will take as long as you allot for it, so only give yourself a set amount of time to complete it, or it’ll take much longer.

12) These L.K. Bennett Samira pumps are to.die.for.  They have a mid-height heel and a clean, simple look.  They also come in pale grey.

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  2. KC says:

    Don’t let #11 turn you into #3. My my worst boss constantly schedules back to back meetings to try to maximize time, and is always late to the later ones which irritates coworkers and clients, leaves me to make excuses for her, makes me late when I have to wait on her, etc. She also ‘multitasks’ by making phone calls while driving to meetings. Which, besides risking life and limb of her passengers, is very irritating to those who have to silently listen to her calls while we could be prepping for the meeting that we’re probably running late to.

    October 8, 2014/Reply
    • Stephanie says:

      I think we must work for the same person. My boss, the GC of a midsize company,appears to pride herself on being late to meetings and keeping her subordinates waiting. She made us late to a meeting we called with another sr vp, and then got mad at me for seeming anxious about it. She drives the secretaries nuts.

      October 8, 2014/Reply
    • Meg says:

      I had a similar situation with someone who would insist on speeding to save time while sending e-mails via phone. NO.

      October 8, 2014/Reply
  3. sarah says:

    The heating pad idea is genius. I need heated socks.

    October 8, 2014/Reply
  4. Addie says:

    Zicam is great if you already have those early symptoms. But I start taking echinacea twice daily when anyone in my office is sick, before I can even start feeling run down. It usually works!

    October 8, 2014/Reply
  5. Annie says:

    Love that Kohls skirt recommendation. It’s reminiscent of Emerson Fry dress I’ve been coveting. For less than $40, I’m sold.

    October 8, 2014/Reply
  6. Joules says:

    People who don’t use their vacations always baffle me. Why wouldn’t you? I always use all of my and have even taken a few unpaid at times to squeeze in more trips.

    Style by Joules

    October 8, 2014/Reply
    • Anna says:

      In some work environments, it’s tacitly discouraged. If you’re taking too many vacations (even if it’s no more than you’re allotted vacation time), you’re seen as a slacker.

      October 8, 2014/Reply
      • Jenn S. says:

        Those environments don’t sound very positive, honestly. The office whose culture is that way probably doesn’t actually value their employees that much.

        October 9, 2014/Reply
    • J says:

      My company offers a lot of vacation time but whenever I do use my vacation days I always end up having to work at least 1-2 hours per day while i’m on vacation because there isn’t anyone else to cover my clients. I’m never able to fully relax. Sometimes it’s less stressful to just not take any vacation at all. My company also lets you sell some of your days back so getting the cash for it is a plus.

      October 8, 2014/Reply
  7. Shanghai says:

    Just ordered the Samira pumps. Can’t wait to see how they fit…

    October 8, 2014/Reply