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Belle’s Workday Reading: September 24, 2014



1) Mistakes to avoid on the first day of work (and every day after).

2) As a companion to their modern short-sleeve sheath, Felicity & Coco is now offering a gorgeous long-sleeve dress with a v-neck and exposed zipper.  It comes in three gorgeous colors, but the plum is my favorite. (Now, with working links!)

3) Concerned about the security of your online passwords?  NYMag has tips on how to kill the online security question.

4) Need to organize your purse or work bag?  Poppin has brightly colored pencil pouches, small zip-pouches, and medium zip-pouches.  I also love their soft cover notebooks.  They come in every color you can think of.

5) American Lawyer reports that women are falling even more behind in client development.  With fields like law, lobbying, PR, finance, etc. depending so heavily on bringing in new business and keeping old business, declining client development could mean fewer women at the top.

6) Fall weather drying out your hair?  This inexpensive moisturizing hair mask from Hair Food will breathe life back into your locks.  I also like their hair thickening treatment for a volume boost.

7) Lifehacker offers tips for getting more from difficult people.

8) Looking for inexpensive, super-opaque tights?  Topshop offers both an 80-denier and 120-denier option.

9) A California lawyer had her license suspended after photoshopping herself into photos with A-listers in an effort to woo clients.  Her defense includes the contention that she received a personal fundraising e-mail from President Obama…yeah, her and 30-million other people.

10) I just bought this Iris & Ink washed-silk t-shirt in black and ivory.  It’s a chic, modern piece that can be dressed up or dressed down as needed.  Need silk tops for under-$100?  Everlane makes the best ones.

11) Telegraph has a disturbing article on why growing numbers of career women are being stalked.

12) I bought a bar necklace at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and engraved it with my mantra, “Fail Better.”  I like it so much that I want to buy a few more.  This Sarah & Chloe necklace is a great option at $129.  I also like this Danielle Stevens vertical bar necklace for $96.  And for something under-$60, this Stella & Dot necklace is a great option.



  1. Shannon says:

    On the first day of work article – #2, SO MUCH. If I am training a new employee on a task, I want the employee to learn it, not argue with me about best practices. If there’s a better way to do something, great. But first learn the how’s and whys, or you come across as snobby and mulish.

    Oh, and I’ll never forget the colleague, who, on his first day, launched into how cheap-looking the office decor was. To me, the office manager, who had put together what I thought was a nice office on a tight budget. Wow.

    September 24, 2014/Reply
  2. Allison says:

    Hi Belle, The second link on your second topic doesn’t seem to work. Would you mind updating it? That dress sounds fabulous.

    September 24, 2014/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. It’s fixed now, the dress is awesome. Here it is, shortened:

      September 24, 2014/Reply
  3. Heather K. says:

    Belle, any problems with wrinkling on the Iris & Ink tees? I just bought two Go Silk blouses and they wrinkle terribly during the day– I bought short sleeves so that I could take my jacket off but really can’t because they wrinkle so badly.

    September 24, 2014/Reply