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State of the Blog: Scheduling Changes

Dear Ladies,

Don’t worry, there will be posts today.

This summer, my goal was to go to law school and keep up the blog.  I mostly succeeded.  But I learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to time management.  So a few things will be changing around here.

First off, Mondays will now feature nothing but Ask Belle posts, instead of the afternoon roundup.  Some days there will be three, some days four, and from time-to-time, I may go nuts and post five.  But Ask Belles are a little easier than the other posts, so they give me plenty of weekend study time.

Second, Pinterest Mondays will now be Pinterest Tuesdays.  As a result, Two Ways will move to Thursdays and will sometimes be Three Ways or Four Ways.  Some weeks the post will focus on trendier items, but it will mostly provide ideas on how to style basics many of us already own.

Third, during weeks when I need more time to study the morning posts will be under-$100 or under-$50 weeks.  They take less time to write, but also give us all an opportunity to score a stylish piece at a decent price.

Lastly, I posted some fall items last week and a few of you (okay, 31 of you) e-mailed to say that you’re just not ready for fall fashions.  Many of you live in places where the weather is still quite warm, so while it’s cooler where I live, I’m happy to go back to talking about “fall transition” attire for a few more weeks.

Thanks again for all of your support this summer.  I can hardly believe this blog is now six years old and still going strong.  And in case you’re wondering how law school is going, I made the Dean’s List.  It was a total shock, but a truly welcome one.  These are the best grades that I’ve had since elementary school.

xo, Belle



  1. Jen says:

    I know how hard it is to juggle school and blog, so thank you for continuing to post. I look forward to reading your entries daily! Congrats on the good grades!!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  2. Ann says:

    Congratulations on making the Dean’s list. I am in awe of your time management skills that allow you to study efficiently _and_ maintain your full-time blogging.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  3. Nicole says:

    You’re awesome, and congrats on the Dean’s List!!! Thanks for all your hard work to maintain a great blog!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  4. Milissa says:

    Congratulations on the Dean’s List!! Very impressive.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  5. Jenny says:

    Congratulations! What a great accomplishment.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  6. B says:

    I love the Ask Belle posts!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  7. Jenn S. says:


    Thanks for six years of this blog, and thank you for keeping it up with (I think) pretty damn good consistency in the face of massive life changes and difficult law school.

    Congrats on making the Dean’s list! Keep kicking ass and taking names.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  8. Denise says:

    Dean’s List!! That’s so great! Congrats. I can’t even complete an intro yoga class so I really admire people that can go back to school as an adult.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  9. Kristen says:

    Congratulations! Gold star!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  10. Sara says:

    Jen is spot on. Juggling law school and ANYTHING is tough. I’ve enjoyed following along with your posts and hearing about law school. So, I think you can post on whatever you want whenever you want–it’s your blog. You’re doing great.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  11. lindsay says:

    Congrats on the dean’s list!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  12. Linda L says:

    Dean’s list – wow! Great job, Belle. The blog’s been just as fabulous as always while you’ve been in school so thanks for all of your hard work.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  13. Dakota says:

    Congrats on the Dean’s list!!!!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  14. Addie says:

    Congrats on making the Dean’s List and thanks for continuing your blog!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  15. barchbo says:

    Dean’s List! Woo-hoo!

    A well-developed brain is every woman’s best accessory.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  16. Yellowrose says:

    Belle! I am so excited for you! Congratulations on such a great achievement!!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  17. Roberta says:

    Congratulations on the Dean’s List! And thank you for still posting even amidst the crazy of law school. I enjoy your blog so much.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  18. SFede says:

    Congrats to you! Love your blog! I’m in the Northeast and even though weather flucuates 70s, 50s, 90s!… I’m ready for fall wardrobe advice!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  19. Maggie says:

    Would love more women’s professional development posts as well!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  20. Kate says:

    Thanks for keeping up with the blog while in school! Really appreciate all of the work it takes.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  21. Jennifer White says:

    Congrats on making the Dean’s List! As someone in law school, I can definitely appreciate how much of a time commitment this is and how difficult it must be to schedule. I love your blog and am so glad you decided to continue it!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  22. LS says:

    YES Dean’s List! Congrats!! Thank you so much for all your hard work on the blog. I’ve been reading here since I was in school many years ago and I don’t know what I would do without you 🙂

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  23. Ms. C says:

    Congratulations!! The first few semesters of law school are the key grade gauges. They tend to be the principal metric (for better or worse) of your competitiveness during school and in the post-graduation job market. And, meanwhile, the content on this blog is as fantastic as ever. What an accomplishment and keep it up!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  24. Ailene C. says:

    Just want to say Congratulations! I don’t know how you keep it up during your first year of law school. I love reading your blog everyday and would miss it if you don’t post.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  25. Sharon says:

    Congratulations, Belle!!!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  26. Sarah says:

    Congrats on making the Dean’s List.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  27. Kelly says:

    Way to go Belle! Congrats on making the Dean’s List, and thanks for staying committed to helping us stay fashionable at the same time!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  28. Charleigh says:

    Where’s the “like” button. Congrats on the grades. School is so much more interesting once we’re older and mature enough to actually go to school (and pay for it ourself)

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  29. Mel says:

    Congrats on making Deans list!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  30. Rachel C says:

    Congrats! I’m super impressed that you’ve managed to keep up with the volume of posts that you do. I love all your advice and look forward to reading your posts no matter when they pop up! Regarding the fall transition post, thanks for agreeing to do a few more. I’m longing for true fall weather and temperature, but in East TN, it’s just not here. I would like some posts and suggestions about using my summer clothes, and a few select fall pieces, to transition. I hate looking like summer this time of year, but when it’s still 90 out, tweed, pants and scarves just aren’t practical. That being said, I am also all for some fall posts so I can be prepared once items here!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  31. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations on making dean’s list!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  32. Jay Ar says:

    Congratulations on making Dean’s List! I’m so happy you decided to keep the blog. Do what you need to do – I’m a long time reader and a big fan!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  33. Alex says:

    Congratulations on deans list! I’m a long time reader, and really appreciate that you’ve kept up with blogging even during law school and life changes. I look forward to your posts!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  34. Chely says:

    Congrats Belle! I started reading your blog this Spring when I decided I was going to be going for an internship at my state Capitol. Your insights have been very helpful and I think I will be much more prepared for my internship next semester because of you! Thank you.

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  35. MCW says:

    Congratulations on your great grades, Belle! I’m so happy you’ve continued to post but more importantly I’m happy for you that you were able to prioritize the must-do’s over the fun-to-do’s. Keep up the great work, we’re all cheering you on!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  36. Jamie says:

    Congratulations! You have much to be proud of. As a 30 year old taking the LSAT in three weeks (!!!) it’s hard enough balancing studying, working full time and my personal life, and you’re definitely an inspiration! Great job and continuing kicking major ass!

    September 8, 2014/Reply
  37. Raq says:

    It is very impressive to me that you are able to keep up the same volume- and quality of posts while maintaining great grades and a grueling schedule. I hope that the study breaks of online browsing are cathartic and not irritating, but your blog readers, myself included, really appreciate it. I would love some fall posts, as I think chicago is going to turn around from 70 to 50 quicker than I’d like and I’d also be very interested to hear more about law school

    September 9, 2014/Reply
  38. Miss Meliss says:

    As a long time reader and former law student myself (though not as good a student as you, it would seem) I just wanted to echo everyone else in saying how impressed I am at your time management skills, and how thankful I am for your blog. Keep up the great work!

    September 9, 2014/Reply
  39. Sarah says:

    Dean’s List! You’re a champ! Way to go.

    September 9, 2014/Reply
  40. D.D. says:

    Congrats on Dean’s List!!! That is a HUGE deal! I love your blog so as long as you keep posting, I will keep reading 🙂

    September 11, 2014/Reply