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Happy Hour: End-of-Summer Slushies


I have one more final on Saturday (civil procedure), and then it’s a few weeks of R&R at my favorite lakeside Tiki bar.  Praise be.  These frozen coconut limeades from Smitten Kitchen are the perfect way to prepare.

They only have five ingredients, none of which are alcoholic.  However, a shot of tequila or rum would be a welcome addition.


Victoria’s Secret Bandeau Bikini ($39.50 + $38.50)

I wanted to pick up one more swimsuit before I left for vacation.  The quality of the VS suits is good, they come in lots of colors, and you can mix-and-match tops and bottoms.  This twisted bandeau halter and a low-rise brief (not the one pictured) were just the ticket.  I also like this high-neck top with woven details.  This convertible halter top is a versatile choice.

Old Navy also has some inexpensive choices.  I like this twisted bandeau and this pink stripe is adorable.

And if you want to catch a more expensive suit on an end-of-season sale, Shopbop is a great place to start.

Plus-size? I really like this Anne Cole suit and this ruffled Torrid suit.


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  1. JP says:

    I bought that suit last week too. It’s a winner. And you can add extra “support” to the top.

    August 23, 2014/Reply