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Belle’s Beauty Buys for April/May


1. Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Wash ($38) // 2. Benefit BeneBalm in Rose ($18) // 3. Philosophy Full of Proise Neck Cream ($65) // 4. Glytone Body Acne Spray ($34) // 5. ybf Eyebrow Pencil in Universal Taupe ($24)

One. Now that I’m living in a drier climate, my skin neither needs, nor would benefit from, some of the strong exfoliating products that I used in the past.  This face wash from Peter Thomas Roth gives me gentle exfoliation with the brightening and regenerating benefits of rose-water and rose extracts.  And while it is pricey for face soap, my last bottle of PTR Anti Aging Cleansing Gel, which is the same size, lasted almost nine months so there is some savings there.

If you’re looking for a less expensive option, try this $7 Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater.  Rosewater is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help calm and soothe skin.

Two. I love sheer tinted balms that give me just a bit of color because unlike lipstick, they don’t look a mess when they’re wearing off.  This one from Benefit has a great rosy color and is very moisturizing.  Looking for something cheaper?  Burt’s Bees makes a tinted balm in a color called Red Dahlia that is gorgeous on many different skin tones.

Three. “I feel bad about my neck,” it’s not just a Nora Ephron book, it’s a complaint that I hear from most women over 50.  The reason our necks and hands age more rapidly than our faces is that while we’re smearing our faces with pricey creams and serums, we don’t pay as much attention to other parts of our bodies.  I picked up a sample of this cream and I really like it.  It helps smooth out some of the creases in my neck and it feels very firming.  I’m going to get another sample before I decide to take the plunge, but so far, I’m happy with it.

Four. The longer my hair grows, the worse my shoulder acne becomes.  This spray from Glytone is one of the few products that can keep it in check.  The spray mixes salicylic acid and alcohol to kill bacteria on the skin and keep pores unclogged.  My one word of caution, however, is to only spray it in a well-ventilated area or else your nasal passages will be sorry.

Need a cheaper alternative?  If I can’t find Glytone, I go back to Nature’s Cure body acne spray.  It works almost as well and costs 1/4 as much.

Five. Filling in your eyebrows makes a huge difference in your overall look.  It makes your eyes pop and frames your face beautifully.  I just replaced my ybf eye pencil, so I thought I’d give the product a shoutout.  The universal taupe means it can be used on nearly every hair color just by altering how much pressure you use when you apply it.  $24 is a lot to spend on a pencil, but they last about one year before they need to be replaced.

Want tips on filling in your brows?  I found this Allure video very instructive.



  1. BN says:

    Thank you again for your YBF eyebrow pencil suggestion. I started using is a few months ago and it has completely changed my face. My eyes pop and my whole face has a more defined shape. I have virtually zero talent for applying makeup and yet the ybf pencil is really easy to manage – even for me. Thanks for the initial (and subsequent) recommendations!

    May 20, 2014/Reply
  2. gigglinggourmand says:

    I just use plain rosewater as toner and find it really gentle and purifying;


    May 20, 2014/Reply
  3. A says:

    Where did you get a sample of the neck cream? I would love to try it!

    May 20, 2014/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Just go into any Sephora or Nordstrom and they can make you a sample.

      May 20, 2014/Reply
  4. Shannon says:

    Belle – where are you living now? State?

    May 20, 2014/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Washington state.

      May 20, 2014/Reply
  5. Sarah says:

    I put all my face stuff on my neck and upper chest too. My mom only had to say, “young face, old neck” to me ONCE.

    May 20, 2014/Reply
    • Addie says:

      I don’t neglect my neck or chest either! I slather spf on my face, neck chest, hands and even my ears (that last one’s to prevent skin cancer, not aging. Haha). I might be able to hide some effects of aging with makeup but I’m not going to apply makeup to my chest and neck every day

      May 20, 2014/Reply
  6. DontBlameTheKids says:

    I don’t neglect my neck/chest, but I’m not sure if it is worth springing for a specific cream. I use whatever I use on my face. So the same SPF day lotion, the same face wash, the same night cream.

    May 21, 2014/Reply
  7. Jenn says:

    Haha! I keep a tube of Red Dahlia in my pen cup at work. I also like to layer it on top of fading lipstick sometimes.

    May 22, 2014/Reply
  8. steph says:

    I’ve had luck with Murad’s acne body spray too. It has menthol which has felt wonderful on my super irritated back!

    May 23, 2014/Reply