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Happy Hour: Easy Sparkling Cocktails


I love champagne cocktails.  They’re tasty, they’re festive and they’re so easy.  I love C. Wonder’s guide to some of the more popular recipes.  My favorite sparkling cocktail?  1 shot of vodka, a splash of lime, St.Germain to taste (some people like just a splash, I like a shot), pour champagne over the top and serve over ice.


MICHAEL Michael Kors Knotted-Front Dress ($140)

Diffusion lines (when a designer creates a lower-priced clothing line) are hit or miss.  But Michael Kors has nailed how to produce “generic mall clothes,” as Elle editor Joe Zee calls them, that have a lot of style for the money.

This cocktail dress is equal parts sophisticated and sexy.  I love the simplicity of this striped casual dress.  And this wrap dress is one of my favorite pieces in my work wardrobe.

I promised I wouldn’t buy anymore clothes until May, but when I saw this leopard-print wrap top in a monochromatic palette, I had to have it.  And for good measure, this delightful eyelet top as well.  My name is Belle, I have a problem…  Hopefully, neither of them will fit and they will both have to go back.

Plus-size?  Michael Kors makes a line of clothes in plus-sizes.  My favorite wrap dress is available in both black and navy.  Petite? Kors also makes a line of petite clothing, which sells gems like the eyelet shirt like I mentioned above.



  1. LS says:

    Hey Belle – do you mind sharing what size you took in the wrap dress? I found MK clothes, dresses especially, to use vanity sizing when I last tried a few years ago.

    March 21, 2014/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I bought the XS as size 4 top, 6 bottom. It’s a little snug at my top weight, but fine most of the time.

      March 21, 2014/Reply
      • LS says:

        Ah, okay. I think that means I’ll have to track down an XXS.

        March 21, 2014/Reply
        • LS says:

          Meant to add: “Thanks! Have a great weekend. 70 degrees tomorrow woohoo.”

          March 21, 2014/Reply
  2. Joules says:

    Ha! I definitely have fallen into the “hopefully it won’t fit so I wont’ have to keep it” trap.

    And now I’m craving champagne.

    Style by Joules

    March 21, 2014/Reply
  3. Caroline says:

    You should try ‘Hugo’: 1 tbsp Saint Germain, fresh Mint leaves (a bit muddled ) and then topped with Champagne.
    Another one of my favorite is ‘Rosemary’ but it takes a few days to make. You take a cup of raspberries, top them with a tbsp of sugar (or more to taste) and then add enough Framboise to cover. After about 3-4 days you put 5 raspberries with a bit of the ‘juice’ in a Champagne glass and top it of with Sparkling Wine.

    March 22, 2014/Reply
  4. Violet says:

    Arriving in DC from Stdney late next week. Do I need to bring my huge coat or will a lightly padded mid thigh jacket be OK?

    March 24, 2014/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I wish I could answer that question, but the weather has been up as high as 70 and as low as 35. There’s no way to know.

      March 24, 2014/Reply