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Happy Hour: Spiced Crunk Punch

orange punch-b2b staggered

Before you ask, I did not choose this cocktail so that I could use the word “crunk” on the blog.  Okay, I did not just choose this cocktail so I could use the word “crunk” in the post, I also chose it because it looks divine.

The cocktail comes Verses from my Kitchen, and contains a pungent mix of citrus flavors, Spiced Rum and mint.  The list of ingredients is a bit intense for a regular Tuesday night cocktail, but it would be perfect for a party.  Just mix up a big batch of these in an old-fashioned punch bowl for a special holiday libation.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.42.47 PM

Milly Fit & Flare Cable Dress ($395)

Some of you mentioned in the comments yesterday that you were looking for cozy sweater dresses that were also fitted in the waist.  This fit-and-flare Milly dress is a great option for those who need more definition than a belt can provide.

If you prefer a basic black, this Autumn Cashmere dress from Bluefly is lovely.  I also like dark grey Jessica Simpson dress for $98 and this Old Navy dress for $42.

Want to add some color to your wardrobe?  This lipstick red Ellen Tracy dress is sure to get you noticed, and this Gabby Skye dress comes in pine green.

Plus-size? This Jessica Simpson dress has a flattering scoop neck.  Petite?  Try this short sleeve striped dress from LOFT.