J.Crew One-Day Sale

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1. Fleece Pant ($29) // 2. Voyager Scarf ($29) // 3. Bucket Bag ($108) // 4. Lulu Frost Swirl Necklace // 5. Jackie Cardigan ($24) // 6. Lomellina Halter Tank Swimsuit ($59)

J.Crew is having a one-day, final sale on a bevy of items from swimsuits to shoes to sweaters.  Take 40%-off sale items with the code WEDNESDAY.  And use Ebates to earn an additional three-percent cash back.

When shopping a final sale, I think it’s important to stick with either a) items you know will fit you or b) items that don’t need to fit (jewelry, bags, etc.).  Should you get stuck with an item that you simply can’t abide, take it to Redzz in Georgetown or Bethesda to get cash outright or put it up on eBay.

One. I like to wear sweatpants on the weekends when I don’t plan to leave my couch.  These pants, and their skinny counterparts, are durable and comfortable.  I also like to stock up on t-shirts to sleep in during the final sale.

Two. I adore the mix of blue and bisque on this scarf.  The plain white is also nice.

Three.  I’ve bought two bags final sale at J.Crew and been very happy with both of them.  This bright orange bucket bag is cool, but I think the modern red Tartine bag will be a more versatile choice.  It will look great with camel and grey wool in the fall.

Four. I’m not sure what it is about this necklace I like, but there’s just something that I adore.  Maybe it’s the mix of textures.  The jewelry selection isn’t as good this time around, but there are a few cute pieces.

Five. If you love J.Crew sweaters, this is a good time to buy.  The seasonal colors and limited sizes may be a turn off for some, but this aqua color will still be in style next spring, and $24 can’t be beat.

Six.  Swimwear is a bit harder to buy final sale, but I tried on this suit earlier in the year and liked it…just not enough to pay full price.  Especially if you’re planning a late summer or winter season trip to the beach, now might be the time to pick up a spare suit or two.



  1. SLG says:

    A note on those cardigans: if you’re guessing at your size, or if the last sweater you bought from J. Crew was last year, you may want to go down a size. J. Crew recently redid their vanity sizing (again!). I’m about 5’9″ and I now wear an extra-small in their tippi cardigan. (Which is not the one Belle linked to here, but useful as a comparison.)

    July 10, 2013/Reply
  2. Katherine says:

    I’ve been eyeing that J. Crew bag for weeks. How bright is it? I love orange but am a little timid about anything super bright.

    July 11, 2013/Reply