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Happy Hour: Headframe Spirits

A few weeks ago, I went home to Montana for a little vacation.  And while there, I decided to head to uptown Butte, Montana to try the town’s newest bar, Headframe Spirits distillery.  Partially because I wanted to support a local business, mostly because my Mother is hilarious when she’s intoxicated.  

Imagine my surprise when the cocktails at Headframe turned out to be better than the vast majority of cocktails that I’ve been served in D.C.  (And much, much cheaper.)  My Mother’s and my favorite was a cocktail called The Dirty Girl. 

Please forgive the less-than-stellar photo, this is why I am not a food blogger.

The cocktail is made by combining one part Orphan Girl Bourbon Cream Liqueur with three parts good quality root beer and ice.  Never heard of Bourbon Cream?  Neither had I, but it is smooth, with a light bourbon flavor and tastes delicious when mixed with hot chocolate.

Want to buy up a bottle of Orphan Girl for your holiday cocktails?  Thanks to some very complicated state and federal regulations regarding the transportation and sale of alcohol, there are only a few places that you can buy it.  Online you can pick it up at Binny’s.

Michael Kors Buckle Cowl Dress (Macy’s, $160 + 20% off)

For me, this is a cocktail that I would make at home or for a dinner party since it only has two ingredients.  So I chose a cozy cowl neck sweaterdress with a cool buckle accent.  The kind of dress that I would wear if I were hosting a party in my home.  Nice, but not overly dressed up.  (Also a good choice for Thanksgiving Day.)

If you’d like something a bit more cozy, this Banana Republic dress is beige cable knit sounds about right.  This black cowl dress from Ann Taylor is $98 and perfect for casual Friday.  Need something less expensive?

This Old Navy dress is under-$50, and this relaxed dress from J.Jill is just $25.  And if you’re plus-size, this dress is $36.



  1. AttiredAttorney says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for the budget and plus-size friendly picks you're featuring more and more of; they're greatly appreciated!

    November 13, 2012/Reply
  2. Naomi says:

    Love that you found this in Butte, MT! My sister-in-law hails from the high line and my brother went to school in Montana so I might be able to find this next time I go to visit them. The drink sounds delish — thanks!

    November 14, 2012/Reply