Belle's Weekly Favorites–October 3, 2012


1. Trine Vestergaard Alice Tunic Sweater ($319) and Inda Reiss Quilted Dress ($340) // 2. Deborah Lippmann Rock This Town Set ($42) // 3. J.Crew Collection Nilli Lotan Open Cable Sweater ($425) and Jimmy Choo Reptile Print Scarf ($650) // 4. Hannii Y Pencil Skirt ($355) // 5. Rebecca Minkoff Brynn Tote ($395) and Queen of the Nile Clutch ($348) // 6. Zara Ankle Flat Boot ($90) and Loeffler Randall Blaise Moccasin ($325) 

Polyvore Set Here.

The changing weather has me thinking about fall colors and snuggly knits, even if I’m not quite ready for the cooler temperatures (read: cold? again? so soon? [headdesk]).  But even if the chilly nights don’t please me, the autumn hues sure do.

One.  How fantastic is the sage green racerback dress for a fall wedding?  And the emerald green tunic sweater would look amazing over a pair of skinny jeans and a cognac boot.  Like the idea of a long sweater but not the price of this one?  Kohl’s has great tunic in some lovely colors for $25, but if you want real cashmere, N. Peal has a loose-fitting grey one that’s very Jennifer Beals.

Two.  I’m not crazy about the middle shade, but the gorgeous rusty-orange and the metallic ash violet are perfect for fall.  If you don’t want to buy the kit, Sparitual has similar orange shade called Eternal Flame (love the Bangles reference), and Delia’s has a similar purple polish for under-$5.

Three.  This cable sweater from J.Crew is simply to.die.for; I just love the diamond weave.  Sadly, the price makes it unjustifiable.  This sweater from the Gap has a similar weave in an equally neutral color.

The mix of orange hues in this scarf is sublime.  I love how the ombre works from a deep, dark rust to a sheer coral.  This Bloomingdale’s scarf has a similar effect in shades of terracotta for under-$50, and if orange isn’t your cup of tea it comes in several other colors as well.

Four.  Recognize this skirt?  You saw it in yesterday’s two ways.  Want something budget-friendly?  This skirt from The Limited is more aubergine than raisin, but for $23, I’m willing to let that slide.

Five.  How adorable is the little camel on this clutch?  I just love him, which is a bit of a surprise, but I find it adorable nonetheless.  And this large brown tote from Rebecca Minkoff would make a great carry-all for the busy professional woman. 

Six.  I’ve talked to a lot of women who would like a pair of flat boots to try out.  I would wear these reasonably-priced boots from Zara under bootcut jeans or bootcut corduroys (maybe these burgundy ones?).  If I had the skinny, proportionate legs for it, I might also wear them with skinnies and a long top, but I’m pear-shaped, so I won’t.

Also, on the topic of loafers, I love these Loeffler Randall ones, so great with the metallic accent.  However, if you have feet over size, I’m going to say, seven, you may want to think twice before you wear them with leggings, skinnies or a dress.  I wear my studded loafers (similar to these) with trouser jeans because these size nine boats don’t need to look any bigger.



  1. k-t says:

    emerald green and burgundy/plum are two of my favorite colors. So happy to see them this fall.

    Recently tried Sparitual nail polishes, and I must say I love them. I hate the odor of some (most?) polishes, and these didn't faze me at all. And seems to be lasting pretty well on my toes. I ordered mine from, but have also seen them at a few hair salons.

    October 3, 2012/Reply
  2. Amy says:

    Aww, Belle, I get sad when you call size 9 feet “boats”- they really aren't that big in proportion to taller frames. We can still buy shoes from most brands, which isn't the case for even taller ladies with a size 11 or 12 shoe. The only loafers I think make “bigger” feet look awkward with dresses or leggings are those lace-up brogues I'm praying will go out of style soon.

    October 3, 2012/Reply
  3. Belle says:

    Amy, My feet look fine in regular shoes, but in those loafers, I looked like I could row to Europe.

    October 3, 2012/Reply
  4. Noelle says:

    Bebe has a very similar sweater to that J. Crew one here:

    And it's on sale!

    October 3, 2012/Reply
  5. Natalie says:

    I love those nail polish colors! I just bought a metallic coppery brown color last night on my way home from work. I'm so excited for cooler weather and beautiful fall colors!

    October 3, 2012/Reply
  6. Leslie says:

    Belle, I know what you mean…I can never find loafers that I like on my size 11 feet (I'm average height). A low vamp helps, but I usually just stick with ballet flats.

    October 3, 2012/Reply