Giveaway: Minkoff "Be Gilty" Pouch–CLOSED

Jun 26, 2012

 Now that I work in the public sector, I have to keep track of a lot of receipts for my expenses.  Early on, I realized that I needed a place to keep them where they wouldn’t get mixed in with the rest of the detritus in my purses.  So I bought two Rebecca Minkoff pouches: one for blog receipts and one for business receipts.  On Fridays, I simply empty the pouch and fill out my expense report.  So easy.

This small Minkoff pouch would also be a great business card case, or you could use it to hold spare change.  You could also use it to store flash drives or earbuds so that they don’t get tangled.  But whatever you keep inside of it, this pouch is a great way to keep the inside of your purse organized.

To win this giveaway, leave a comment listing your guilty pleasure.  And don’t forget to use your email address when you log-in.  Good luck!


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  1. Heather says:

    My guilty pleasure is picking up a bagel and iced coffee for breakfast on those mornings when I'm having a rough time getting out of bed.

  2. Hannah says:

    All of the Real House Wives!

  3. m says:

    Take out, wine, and endless hours of Real Housewives on the DVR!

  4. J says:

    Used to be cigarettes. Now that I quit, lusting after them watching Mad Men.

  5. DM says:

    guilty pleasure is a spa day including massage, facial, mani/pedi.

  6. amoeji says:

    Sesame Street … I don't have any children, so it's really pathetic that I watch it. However, it reminds me of a time when things were much simpler and more likely to make sense.

  7. Anne says:

    J. Crew. And chocolate..

  8. Berit says:

    my guilty pleasure is expensive mascara: Chanel, YSL, Armani, Dior, I've pretty much tried them all! <3

  9. Bo says:

    Getting a massage at my salon!

  10. kme says:

    Teenage dramas… currently obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. Which just makes 27 year-old me feel OLD.

  11. CSBCSB says:

    Real Housewives!

  12. Bekki says:

    Might be ridiculous…but I love food. So my guilty pleasure is cheese risotto.

  13. Isabel says:

    Expensive facials.

  14. Christine says:

    Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream! To be honest, no other ice cream flavor need apply….

  15. Angela says:

    My guilty pleasure is cheesy macaroni!!

  16. K says:

    McDonalds french fries. Always feel so guilty when standing in line for them, but sometimes it just has to happen.

  17. Jeanna says:

    Have to agree – Real Housewives !

    Thanks so much!

  18. CEM says:

    My guilty pleasure is a long, luxurious nap

  19. bizbee says:

    Expensive nail polish.

  20. Meghan says:

    TV shows from middle school/high school. Currently obsessing over Dawson's Creek.

  21. Nikki says:

    Add another to Housewives!!!

  22. Laura says:

    The New York Times: Sunday Edition. It takes me all day and I stay in my pajamas for the whole time!

  23. KAC says:

    Mac & Cheese and The Real Housewives!

  24. Nora says:

    Danielle Steel books

  25. Mere says:

    Law and Order: SVU marathon (and maybe some ice cream )

  26. Rory says:

    Chanel nail polish.

  27. Emma says:

    Watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette (insert cringe face here…)

  28. Elyse G. says:

    people watching at Union Station!

  29. Ali says:

    My guilty pleasure(s), hands down cheese cake as well as my $18 Nars nailpolish!

  30. Brooke says:


  31. SLM says:

    Romance novels…so bad, but so addicting.

  32. S says:

    My guilty pleasure is any kind of fried cheese — it is SUCH an indulgent, greasy treat!

  33. LC says:

    oreos ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Brandi R. says:

    Pedicures. As often as possible!

  35. Melissa says:

    Nail polish! Especially expensive Butter London ones.

  36. Lauren L says:

    wine with back to back gossip girl and hart of dixie episodes.

    what can i say? the clothes are fabulous.

  37. CJ says:

    I have way too many but I will go with my Grandma's calorie laden but delicious mac and cheese

  38. Lisatella says:

    Cinnamon crunch bagels at Panera. Don't you even try to tel me the nutritional content in those babies.

  39. Mi5intel says:

    Friday night in with a movie and a pint of Ben and Jerry's

  40. Jessica says:

    Dark Chocolate.

  41. Jess says:

    The Bachelor/Bachelorette – it's pretty embarassing really!

  42. Kate says:

    people watching!

  43. Ms. C says:

    Baking…and then eating one too many servings of whatever I've baked.

    Is this item a promotional gift from I'm trying to figure out why it is not spelled properly…

  44. Meredith says:

    My guilty pleasure…Teen Mom (cringe)

  45. Pavo says:

    Dirty vodka martinis. I like them to taste like alcoholic sea water. And then I spend the next three days drinking nothing but water otherwise I look and feel like an old corn husk.

  46. Erica says:


  47. Virginia says:

    Fromager d'Affinois — so rich. So buttery. So calorie-ladden. SO DELICIOUS! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Anne says:

    Facebook stalking

  49. Kelly says:

    $5 Soy Lattes from Starbucks!

  50. Julie says:

    Miss Advised? ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Dallas says:

    Republican boys! (I'm such a liberal. But conservative boys dress better.)

  52. Tay says:

    The Bachelorette!

  53. A says:

    Jersey Shore ๐Ÿ™

  54. CBD says:

    My guilty pleasure — anything carby but especially a great bagel or fresh bread from the farmer's market.

  55. MM says:

    Ben & Jerry's!

  56. VS says:

    Weekly Manicures…. bi weekly if Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm feeling really indulgent… it just makes my entire outfit and attitude better!

  57. CR says:

    Ridiculous (think 'for kids') games on my iPhone. If Nintendo ever actually makes a Pokemon game for it, I'm screwed.

  58. Truc says:

    At the moment, Sister Wives. I hate them all, yet I can't stop watching.

  59. Meg says:

    Chocolate and chocolate anything.

  60. Marisa says:

    Forever 21! I can't help but go for a mid-day pick-me-up!

  61. SEB says:

    Taylor Swift's music – so bad, but so good.

  62. Lauren says:

    Can I have more than one guilty pleasure?! TOO much TV (The Bachelorette) and french fries.

  63. Hannah says:

    Gossip Girl!

  64. Beth says:

    Romance novels. Not just any ones, but the ones set in like 1700//1800 London and there's debutantes and highwaymen. I snap up all I can at Goodwill stores and library sales. So embarrassing, but so trashy it's awesome.

  65. Meredith says:

    Drop Dead Diva. I know it is terrible, but I really care about what happens to Jane/Deb and Owen and/or Grayson. Plus I LOVE Margaret Cho on the show. She is awesome.

  66. Kate says:

    My guilty pleasure is a big bowl of popcorn and a glass (or few) of red wine for dinner.

  67. SarahT says:

    Champagne (the good stuff that I buy instead of groceries for a week) and ABC's Revenge….preferably enjoying them at the same time

  68. KT says:

    Dance Moms. Those “stage moms” kill me.

  69. Jennifer says:

    My guilty pleasure right now are personal training sessions.

  70. KC says:

    Fro Yo with sprinkles and a scoop of Peanut Butter. DELISH!

  71. Ngoc Janjua says:

    Beauty Gurus on YouTube. I can spend hours watching makeup advice, tutorials, or personal vlogs on YouTube. There a few “YouTubers” that I follow and love to watch. As a result I've signed up for Birchbox, bought a Clearasonic and made many visits to Sephora.

  72. EF says:


  73. Cait says:

    My guilty pleasure is FroZenYo/Pinkberry/Yogiberry/any frozen yogurt place that allows you to pick your own toppings. I'll put maybe one or two berries on for good measure… and then fill the rest of the cup with chocolate chips.

  74. raq says:

    nail polish and going out to eat too often!

  75. Arielle says:

    I have a few guilting pleasures: mani pedis, haagen dazs ice cream, margaritas, and sleeping in are a few of my faves. Love Rebecca Minkoff!

  76. adrienne says:

    the super trashy stuff on bravo: real housewives of somewhere, bethenny doing something, don't be tardy for the wedding, pregnant in heels. the list goes on.

  77. Lindsay says:

    Online Shopping. Whoops.

  78. Pick me!!! says:

    I have so many. I keep Lindt chocolates in my desk (and am eating one now) and get a frosting-covered cookie from the store downstairs at least once a week. I spend many pretty pennies on high-quality skincare and good makeup because I desperately want to age well and believe that makeup makes a much, much bigger impact on overall appearance than many women realize. Also, I can become completely glued to marathons of Law & Order: SVU or NCIS even while consciously telling myself that I'm watching really crappy TV and that I'll never get back those hours of my life.

  79. LAG says:

    Big Mac Meals. Every once in awhile…. I just want one.

  80. Binna says:

    Corner Bakery baked goods… ugh. The caloric death of me. ๐Ÿ˜›

  81. jes says:

    McDonald's Chicken McNuggets…I know, I know…

  82. Amanda says:

    Crappy realtiy TV. I know it's rotting my brain, but I can't help it.

    A close second? Smutty “romance” novels. I was into smut long before Fifty Shades made it cool!

  83. Jenn says:

    Chick-Fil-A. 8-pack of nuggets and waffle fries with BBQ sauce. It's the perfect double-whammy of unhealthy and uneconomical (since I could make something homemade and healthy cheaper).

  84. CynthiaW says:

    a triple venti carmel macchiato – lame, I know.

  85. Megan says:


  86. Rebecca says:

    My guilty pleasure is E! online…I secretly love celeb gossip

  87. kellie wilson says:

    Krispy Kreme (when the hot sign is on) I.die.

  88. B says:

    Pomegranate margaritas and chips/guacamole!

  89. Jenny H says:

    The entire Bravo network, but specifically the real estate shows– NY and LA. Huge egos but I still find myself watching every week.

  90. TA says:

    My guilty pleasures are string cheese and pickles but not at the same time!

  91. Tiffany says:

    One Direction…sigh.

  92. Courtney says:

    trashy reality shows
    costume jewelry

    because a girl can't just have one guilty pleasure…let's be honest.

  93. Stephanie says:

    Watching Bridezillas!

  94. Em says:

    I'm not proud of myself- Grey's Anatomy. My roommates and I watched it together all the way through college. They've revived a deer, survived a plane crash, and had a bomb in a body…my loyalty seems to know no bounds.

  95. MKal says:

    Good food and drink!

  96. Joy says:


  97. Nancy says:

    I have a HUGE sweet tooth so my guilty pleasure is definitely homemade chocolate chip peanut butter cookies!

  98. SC says:

    A glass of good white wine, Whole Foods sushi and Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids!!

  99. ECD says:

    Reality TV!

  100. Kimish says:

    Bacon fat on my vegetables!

  101. Samantha says:

    Greys Anatomy ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. Emily says:

    Homemade M&M Blondies with vanilla ice cream!

  103. SP says:

    Sister Wives. It's just so interesting! and cheese.

  104. Lauren says:

    Netflix season marathons – I've wasted one (okay a couple) too many nights catching up on old shows!

  105. E says:

    New make-up! I'm what they call a product whore.

  106. Meg says:

    Jersey Shore, Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream, and Riesling

  107. Emily says:

    WINE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Michelle says:


  109. XF says:

    They go against everything I stand for but…I can't not watch the Kardashians. Hands in my feminist card

  110. Adriana says:

    Pinterest. I spend wayyyyyyy too much time pinning things.

  111. EAG says:

    Guilty pleasure????? That would be the Kardashians ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. EK says:

    The Bachelorette or Say Yes to the Dress with a big glass of sangria.

  113. Elle says:

    Peanut butter!

  114. KB says:

    Grey's Anatomy & Whoppers from Burger King

  115. KLK says:

    Vampire Diaries, Twilight and is it too early to say, Magic Mike?!

  116. C says:

    Multiple “Friends” episodes in a row… I will literally ignore everything else to get in at least two or three at a time.

  117. Christina says:

    General Hospital. ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. Michele says:

    Chanel nail polish and real housewives!

  119. sarah says:

    Chocolate!!! Especially dark!!

  120. Jessica says:

    Reality TV shows, sad to say

  121. L says:

    Cheese and 'Say Yes to the Dress'

  122. Abbey says:

    shoes, wine, and US Weekly (in that order)!

  123. TJ says:

    Frozen Ore-Ida fench fries, cooked in the microwave.

  124. SN says:

    Coffee and the Real Housewives!

  125. Kacy says:

    Agreed to a previous commenter: fried cheese. Even better/guiltier if dipped in ranch dressing.

  126. VT says:

    dark chocolate & shoes..

  127. R says:

    People magazine.

  128. meg says:

    A trip to Sephora!

  129. LC says:

    Justin Bieber songs on my iPod. Sheesh.

  130. S from La says:

    manicures and a lovely glass of wine

  131. Cass says:

    Embarrassing TMI, but Brazilians from Bliss!!! I was so intrigued by your post a while back that I just had to get one. I'm so hooked now!

  132. Lindsey says:

    Chocolate chip cookie dough–no need to bake a perfectly delicious treat!

  133. HeatherS says:

    Taco Bell – so embarrassing but so true

  134. CH says:

    Young adult novels, Oreo milkshakes, and purses!

  135. alicia says:

    My guilty pleasure is the seriously addictive MTV scripted show “Awkward.” Sure, it's for teens, but it is also really good.

  136. Chele says:

    Godiva truffles!

  137. Emily says:

    Dove Dark Chocolate. Try to eat only one, then end up eating the entire bag!

  138. KC says:

    Expensive nail polish!

  139. M says:

    The Bachlorette, my boyfriend was horrified when he found out that's what I do from 8-10pm on Monday nights…

  140. Susan says:

    Baked goods with my Starbucks

  141. Maria says:

    Oreo blizzards

  142. Kate says:

    Frozen peppermint patties!

  143. MH says:

    Teen Mom. So happy I'm not the first one to say that (I'm looking at you, Meredith).

  144. rbh says:

    Almost anything on Bravo!

  145. Morgan says:

    Over-priced handbags!

  146. Elissa says:

    Spoiling my dog!

  147. SK says:

    SHOES, lots and lots of shoes!

  148. Sarah R. says:

    It's embarrassing, but right now, it's the Bachelorette…

  149. Libbi says:

    My guilty pleasure lately has been sushi!

  150. Mallory says:

    Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar ice cream. SO good but soooo bad for you.

  151. Meghan says:

    Smut TV; including Teen Mom, Law and Order SVU, and Real Housewives. SO pathetic!

  152. Rose says:

    Paying for pedicures…I know I could do them myself, but it's just so relaxing.

  153. E says:

    Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos. Haters gon hate.

  154. Emily says:

    Watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

  155. Christine says:

    I don't have cable at my apartment, so I love watching television in my hotel room when I travel for work.

  156. Britt says:

    Hart of Dixie – it's so bad its good

  157. NGV says:

    guilty pleasure is reality tv while eating frozen yogrt- YUM.

  158. Amy says:

    Really bad/awesome reality television–this season's Bachelorette because she is addicted to sparkly clothes.

  159. Alex says:

    Rewatching the West Wing! Nothing cheers me up like watching CJ's press conferences.

  160. NH says:

    McDonald's breakfast!

  161. Sheryl says:

    Sleeping in 'til noon

  162. Rachel says:

    Pedicures at Patsy's Nail Bar near Farragut West!

  163. MeganElissa says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. This pouch is amazing! I would have to say my guilty pleasure is watching the Kardashians

  164. CML says:

    My favorite guilty pleasure is definitely sleeping in on the weekends!

  165. Meredith says:

    spa pedicures!

  166. My guilty pleasure is TLC. Over the past six months, I just can't get enough. Toddlers & Tiaras, Craft Wars, Say Yes to the Dress… I can't stop watching.

  167. Shannon says:

    TLC shows…only on weekends though! Glorious/ridiculous “reality” television.

  168. My guilty pleasure food wise is Starbucks frappacinos, particularly caramel or cafe vanilla. Beauty wise is probably new lip products – I LOVE them. Stains, glosses, balms, sticks, yes please.

  169. Katie says:

    Easy one – Rita's Italian Ice. YUM!

  170. SB says:

    Takeout Sushi!!

  171. Jessica says:

    My guilty pleasure is sleeping in on my days off. I feel guilty wasting the morning, but it feels so good!

  172. Melissa says:

    The Bachelor/Bachelorette!

  173. prm says:

    chocolate chip cookies =)

  174. Kelly says:

    Fabulous shoes

  175. khizzie says:

    Overpriced but delicious cocktails

  176. Shelby H. says:

    Reality TV!!

  177. Kristen says:

    My guilty pleasure is not a thing but an action — sneaking out for a half-day on Friday afternoon!

  178. AC says:

    Awful to Admit but Keeping up with the Kardashians

  179. J says:

    baked goods!

  180. Meg says:

    I love expensive purses. So ridiculous since my office is literally inside an industrial factory. I can't help it!

  181. AnneCR says:

    Hart of Dixie – I can't believe I just admitted that!

  182. APW says:

    Pedicures! Nothing better than beautiful, clean toes.

  183. Chassidy says:

    Painting my nails… while watching marathons of reality shows on Bravo, WE TV and OWN.

  184. Leah S. says:

    The cookie bar at Whole Foods. Proceed with open bag and lots of caution.

  185. b23 says:

    Oreos. I generally eat pretty well and enjoy sophisticated pairings, but I just cannot resist Oreos dipped in milk. Yum yum yum.

  186. Amy says:

    Romance novels are totally my guilty pleasure. And the reviewers at are pretty much my pushers.

  187. Morgan says:

    My guilty pleasure is mascara! Drugstore, department store, it makes no difference. Waterproof, volumizing, lengthening, separating, I have 'em all! I know it's wasteful to have multiple tubes open at once, I should wait 3 months to get a new one blah, blah, blah…but I just can't help myself!

  188. Cheng says:


  189. UB says:

    nail polish… I recently gave 15 different ones away in an attempt to be good… I found myself buying new ones that day.

  190. SM says:

    Chips and fresh salsa.

  191. DS says:

    The Bachelorette… and corn dogs. : /

  192. Sam says:

    Even worse than Real Housewives/the majority of Bravo's TV programs: Dance Moms. Yep.

  193. Heather says:

    Starbucks cinnamon dulce lates!

  194. Sarah B says:


  195. Kelly says:

    Spray tans. I just feel like I look so much more healthy and put together with a glow of color!

  196. Katie says:

    Eating only the toppings of a pizza. I know it's a waste of food, but sometimes, I just want the cheese, meat, and veggies on a pizza than the carb part.

  197. Bethany says:

    My guilty pleasure is digestive biscuits and nutella. Together it's like heaven!

  198. HM says:

    Watching the Real Housewives of any city marathon. Or My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (American or not)

  199. Kristen says:

    Really terrible pop music.

  200. NM says:

    Frozen Yogurt and the Bachelor/Bachelorette

  201. MidwestChic says:

    My guilty pleasure is ANY tv show marathon… Real Housewives, True Blood, Project Runway, ANTM, you name and I will watch a marathon of it!!

  202. Christie says:

    Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Any flavor.

  203. Margaret says:

    Trying to lose 11 lbs. I am 5' 1″, 111 lbs. I was slimmer pre-kids but now it's hard to shed my belly fat & flabby upper thighs. Trying to diet & exercise and I am losing a little bit of weight. I am always hungry and I dream about eating chocolates and all kinds of junk food. Sorry to rant, good luck fellow giveaway entrants!

  204. laurakat says:

    My third computer monitor. Most people see two monitors as excessive, but my third one just makes my world so happy! (I am a programmer so I have that many monitors for projects not gaming – not to disparage gaming of course…)

  205. JM says:

    Staying in bed all day watching romantic comedies

  206. JE says:


  207. Kay says:

    Oh gosh… I'd have to say, reading a blog that a friend from keeps. It's always dramatic, so it's like a never-ending novel. I know, I'm rationalizing. It's a very guilty guilty pleasure

  208. Margaret says:

    Trying to lose 11 lbs. I am 5' 1″, 111 lbs. I was slimmer pre-kids but now it's hard to shed my belly fat & flabby upper thighs. Trying to diet & exercise and I am losing a little bit of weight. I am always hungry and I dream about eating chocolates and all kinds of junk food. Sorry to rant, good luck fellow giveaway entrants!

  209. S.Collins says:

    Ritz crackers with peanut butter on top. yum!

  210. Rachel says:

    Jersey Shore…

  211. Kara says:

    Eating french fries and a Wendy's frosty while I read Cap Hill Style and my other favorite blogs!

  212. Carrie says:

    Dark chocolate gets me every time.

  213. Adrien says:

    My guilty pleasure is My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. The shame.

  214. J says:

    The Kardashians…love to hate them and hate to love them!

  215. strin012 says:

    I would say there's stiff competition between chocolate and tv.

  216. LMarti says:


  217. ee says:

    Any kind of trashy tv (Real Housewives, 16 and pregnant, Jersey shore) and raw cookie dough!

  218. Starbucks! I feel guilty paying for coffee when I have a Keurig at home, but something about having a big custom-made latte is irresistable when I'm looking for a little guilty pleasure!

  219. Lynn says:

    Bon Jovi and hair bands in general!

  220. SG says:

    watching the bachelorette while eating dark chocolate and sipping red wine.

  221. AKZ says:


  222. CN says:

    Spending an entire morning milling around a farmers market- eating an almond croissant and drinking an iced coffee.

  223. KRF says:

    My guilty pleasure is the web blog “Suri's Burn Book” written in the voice of Suri Cruise by a D.C. woman who works in policy by day and a writer by night!

  224. Britt says:

    Guilty pleasure would have to be Bravo TV -all of the housewives, Bethenny, WWHL (like that? i use the acronym, I am in too deep!) they all suck me in!

  225. BG says:

    The Strawberry Shortcake from Giant….mmm craving one now…

  226. Chris says:

    Cupcakes from the shop across from my apartment.

    Or Sherlock fanfiction (**cue groans**)

  227. Elle says:

    Animated movies and TV shows. They're often just as smart as regular ones these days ๐Ÿ˜‰

  228. Erica says:

    Oh my gosh my guilty pleasure is definitely nail polish… it's borderline embarrassing! haha

  229. LR says:

    The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Guiltiest of guilty!

  230. Caroline says:

    The Bachelorette!!

  231. Lindsay says:

    Pizza and Beer and a lazy night on the couch in sweats.

  232. Theresa says:

    The Bachelor… and soon to be Magic Mike.

  233. Jo says:

    My guilty pleasure is picking off my shellac manicure. I know the proper way of removal is with acetone, but I can't help myself!!

  234. Katelynn says:

    nutella right from the jar

  235. Emma says:

    My guilty pleasure is watching trashy TV (Cheaters, Dog the Bounty Hunter, etc.) — stuff that makes the Real Housewives look refined.

  236. Lauren S says:

    Guilty pleasure = Real Housewives

  237. Meg says:

    America's Next Top Model. It keeps getting worse, but I can't stop watching.

  238. Carly Lane says:

    Afternoon naps with my puppy! And my monthly Birch Box.

  239. Daisy says:

    Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I'm so ashamed.

  240. amandal says:

    My guilty pleasure is eating Baskin-Robbins chocolate chip ice cream out of the carton while watching Gilmore Girls. I do this almost too often!

  241. Courtney says:

    My guilty Pleasure is buying lots of delicate gold necklaces! I just can't seem to ever be satisfied ๐Ÿ™‚

  242. Sarah says:

    Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Buns ice cream…yummy!

  243. JessK says:

    benihana. so shameful.

  244. Lauren says:

    My guilty pleasure is vampire diaries. It's so bad, but so good!

  245. Steph says:

    Watching “Pride & Prejudice” 1995 BBC version with Colin Firth. Love!

  246. Katie says:

    oh gosh…it's a three-way tie between chocolate cake, tiramisu, and peppermint patties…

  247. Mags says:

    Mac & Cheese

  248. courtney says:

    my guilty pleasure is chocolate!

  249. Angie says:

    My guilty pleasure would have to be strawberry sundaes and vogue, I don't proper functionally without either ๐Ÿ™‚

  250. Morgan says:

    some sort of dessert or other treat at the end of the day…yes I sound like a dog or a 2 year old…but, hey, that's why it's considered a guilty pleasure, right?

  251. Amatas says:

    In N Out! yum!

  252. K says:

    Pretty Little Liars. I know it is on ABC Family and I am in my mid 20s but it is just so addicting!

  253. Carla Dallas says:

    My guilty pleasure is drinking out of the milk carton ๐Ÿ™‚

  254. BN says:

    The Glee Project. I hate reality competitions, but I cant resist this one!

  255. AmyJo says:

    100 Calorie popcorn bags and reality tv!

  256. Terri says:

    Pedicures at Red Door Spa

  257. Jennifer says:

    Reading US Weekly

  258. Courtney says:

    naps, not exercising and lots of chocolate : )

  259. SS says:

    My guilty pleasure – a great yoga class or a mani/pedi. Thanks!

  260. Emily says:

    In no particular order…blogs, trash TV and trashy magazines. I feel so guilty.

    acandoattitude (at) gmail (dot) com

  261. Jennifer says:

    Buying books. I love new books, but they can be so expensive, and we have an excellent library system I can use. So actually buying them instead is a guilty pleasure for me. Bonus guilty pleasure: buying them in a bookstore while sipping a chai latte!

  262. M says:

    Right now – the Bachelorette.

  263. Jillian says:

    Watching marathons of the food network, especially while laying on the couch with a hangover

  264. ellabella says:

    A spoonful of peanut butter…straight from the jar.

  265. Sarah M. says:

    People magazine and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! Yum!

  266. Elizabeth says:

    Guilty pleasure…. Shopping with good friends!!

  267. Tori says:

    Definitely shopping and Zoya nailpolish ๐Ÿ˜‰

  268. Trisha says:

    Trashy gossip blogs!

  269. Jamie says:

    French fries. Coke. Denim cutoffs in the summer heat when my internship requires conservative clothing…

  270. Ann S says:

    Nail polish – drives my husband wacko!

  271. Anita says:

    Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime. I cant help but love it!

  272. EA says:

    I'm hopping on the Real Housewives bandwagon!

  273. Linda L says:

    watching matchmaking shows like tough love!

  274. Michelle says:

    My guilty pleasure is makeup/fashion videos on Youtube! I LOVE Wendy's Lookbook and Lisa Eldridge for their informative and elegant tutorials.

  275. Sam says:

    TLC wedding shows – Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings, Randy to the Rescue, Gypsy Wedding – if there is a wedding involved, I will watch it.

  276. Deanna says:

    Trashy TV – Sister Wives and 16 and Pregnant are amazingly terrible.

  277. AJ says:

    My guilty pleasure lately has been the song “Call Me Maybe.” I love to hate it. After that, anything chocolatey!

  278. Morgan says:

    My guilty pleasure is “royal fashion”. The Duchess of Cambridge and the blood princesses dress impeccably. So my guilty pleasure is trying to recreate their looks for myself.

  279. liana says:

    Going to frozen yogurt (Sweet Frog) on my lunch break. It's healthy, right?

  280. CW says:

    MTv – Real World/Road Rules Challenge

  281. Ally says:

    Sounds slightly ridiculous, but my guilty pleasure is my gym membership.

  282. Les says:

    Gossip Girl…

  283. Casey says:

    Anything and everything HBO. I can't get enough!

  284. Mo says:

    Any Real Housewives show. So bad, but so good!

  285. Terry says:

    Facebook stalking

  286. AMSBelle says:

    French Pastries!

  287. Jennifer says:

    My guilty pleasure is pasta. LOTS and lots of it!

  288. MS says:

    Any and all episodes of Real Housewives.

  289. Sarah says:

    $80 bottles of perfume! When I was a broke college student, I accidentally dropped a bottle of my signature scent and it shattered all over the floor. I went straight to the computer and ordered myself a brand new bottle even though I could barely afford to feed myself! With everything else I am such a penny pincher, but I will buy myself an $80 bottle of perfume even in the worst of times. I only feel a little guilty.

  290. Danielle says:

    ABC Family shows

  291. Katie says:

    Frappuccinos, brie, and french bread ๐Ÿ™‚

  292. Sarah says:

    Real Housewives of New Jersey

  293. Molly says:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and sprinkles. No ice cream, just sprinkles.

  294. trish says:

    sweet. tea. yum.

  295. Tessa says:

    My guilty pleasure is beauty magazines!

  296. Blaire says:

    Teen Mom! How embarassing.

  297. Jen says:

    Anything fried!

  298. Doris says:

    OMG! i love mint chocolate chips ice cream more than any other flavor! Yummy!

  299. Linda says:

    I got to admit that I love thrift shopping! Our Goodwill is amazing cause people here are pretty loaded, so every week end, it is calling my name! Hard to save money with brand name stuff so new for so cheap! lol

  300. Mariam says:

    I would say that i really enjoy adding to my shoe collection! I am down to 60 pairs, kind of ashamed to say that but I love shoes!

  301. Wade says:

    Since I am entering for my wife, I would say that she loves talking on the phone to girlfriends for Us, guys are not wired this way. Thanks

  302. Jessica says:

    My guilty pleasure is stealing time for myself to read my blogroll. ๐Ÿ™‚

  303. Nicole V. says:

    Hmm…guilty pleasure? Standard I know but I'd have to say chocolate. Sometimes light, sometimes dark. I make a habit of buying chocolates with exotic additions or stopping by chocolate shops I've never been to. As long as I buy it by the piece, I'm ok.

  304. niki says:

    definitely high quality art supplies! expensive but sooo worth it, even on a student's budget!

  305. Patricia says:

    Trish M mascara.

  306. Shelley says:

    McDonald's French fries

  307. Krysta says:

    Long naps! I LOVE getting to sleep for 4-5 hours without being interrupted after an arduous day of anything. Sleeping is definitely my guilty pleasure.

  308. Eric says:

    I would say that I loveee to have my facials!

  309. Katie says:

    Gossip Girl!!

  310. Tricia Luker says:

    Sanders hot fudge sundaes

  311. melanie says:

    Gummi Bears.

  312. Montana says:

    Dior and Chanel Makeup

  313. B says:

    pad thai.

    I was recently gifted a book called “death by pad thai”, and that's when I knew it was real ๐Ÿ™‚

  314. Morgan says:

    Frozen yogurt!

  315. Audrey says:

    ice cream snickers bars and chocolate covered strawberries…yum

  316. Elizabeth says:

    Red wine!

  317. Lauren c says:

    Definitely terrible reality tv, a la real housewives.

  318. My guilty pleasure is that I DON'T feel guilty watching Real Housewives of New Jersey with a bowl of popcorn! I mean watching grown women yelling and b*tching at each other just makes me realize how much I love my little law school life.

  319. Andrea says:

    Sample boxes (Birchbox, Beautyfix, New Beauty Test Tube, Glossybox, etc)

  320. Shannon says:

    People are most surprised about how much I love bad television. It is definitely my guilty pleasure.

  321. AC says:

    A glass of wine on the patio with a trashy novel!

  322. Kelly says:

    My guilty pleasure is Coffee Ice Cream!! Two of my favorites in one (massive) bowl ๐Ÿ™‚

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Ask the Editor: Vol. IV, No Twenty-Three

This week, we have a wedding dress search coming up empty, cell phone slings that don’t suck, sunscreen tips for kids, and more. Let’s take a peek in the reader mail bag.



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The Find: An Olive Striped Shirt

As you may have noticed, I do not have the most creative personal style. I am here for basics. But what I’m always looking for is basic-but, a piece of clothing that is basic but just a little different.



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