The Hill Life: Turning an Internship into a Full Time Job

I’ve decided to move The Hill Life to the 11:00AM Wednesday spot. Just doing some blog spring cleaning, as you were.

Like most Hill staffers and former Hill staffers (it’s still weird to write that), I was once a lowly intern.  I cleaned the cage, spent many hours in IQ and folded letters…so many letters.  So, despair not, poor interns, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

This is probably why many of the emails I receive come from interns looking to turn their unpaid gigs into full-time jobs.  It’s a difficult transition to make, but it can be done. And while there are many theories on the best way to make the jump (here are mine), Jodi Glickman at Great on The Job offers great advice on asking for feedback the right way, so that you can become the kind of intern your Boss is desperate to put on salary. 

Her best piece of advice?  Don’t wait until the end of your internship to ask for feedback.  Because if you ask me for input two weeks before you leave, you’ll never be able to use the feedback that I give you.  For more awesome advice on how to be a better intern, and score that full-time job, watch the video.