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Happy Hour: Midnight Millionaire

It’s difficult to believe that in just a few short weeks, the calendar will close and 2012 will be upon us.  And while I usually love a new year, 2011 was very good to me, so I’m sad to see her go. 

Regardless, the New Year is a great time to celebrate life.  So why not celebrate in style with a cocktail that’s sure to raise the festivities to another level? 

Elit Midnight Millionaire

1 oz Stoli Elit
Perrier Jouët Fleur de Champagne (I prefer Rose.)
Raspberry for garnish

Pour the vodka into a Champagne flute. Fill with Champagne, and give it a light stir just to combine.
Add a single raspberry (or a few, depending on your taste) as a garnish.
The ingredients for this recipe are pricey, but you can easily sub in some less expensive choices.  For champagne, Miss M and I are both loving Piper Sonoma.  It’s the perfect under-$20 bottle.
I’ve had numerous requests for evening shoes, so I thought that I would share this pair.  I love a metallic shoe for evening, and the light sparkle on this black pump would be perfect for new years.  I also think the mesh cut outs are a bit edgy without being over-the-top. 
I’d wear them with bare legs.  Even if it’s a little chilly, I don’t particularly like to wear tights with evening clothes, unless I absolutely have to wear them.


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  1. H. says:

    I'm confused by this cocktail — is Stoli Elit a flavored vodka, or is this just basically fortified champagne? If that latter, I'm not sure why this would be better than just having a second glass of champagne . . . .

    December 16, 2011/Reply
  2. Belle says:

    H.-I'm never opposed to more champagne.

    The texture of Elit is different, though the flavor is the same. It has almost a silky texture. No idea why. So when you put it together it has an interesting mouth feel. But hey, if you want champagne with raspberries, who am I to argue?

    December 17, 2011/Reply