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10th Commandment: December 19

This week, we’re going to be discussing the New Year.  From dressing for your New Year’s Eve parties to making resolutions (fashion and otherwise), CHS is getting ready for 2012 in style.  

Every morning the 10th Commandment will feature an item under $150, and every afternoon, I’ll post a Polyvore set featuring that piece.



Gold Fold Jacquard Dress (Jane Norman UK, $60)

How fabulous is this frock?  It looks like something Grace Kelly would wear to a chic cocktail party with a fur stole and skeins of jewels.  

If you like this dress and want to order it for NYE, I have two words of caution: 1) British sizes are notoriously fickle, so be careful (I’m a US 4, I wear a UK 10 and alter the bust because I’m pear shaped.), and 2) If you want this, you need to order it today because it’s 7-10 days for delivery to the U.S.