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2011 Gift Guide: Beauty and Makeup Gifts


Makeup, beauty products and tools make great gifts, especially if it’s something that the recipient might not buy herself.  If you have a friend, a sister or an aunt who is a makeup maven or a beauty product addict this is the gift guide for you.  

Clarisonic Mia ($120).  I mentioned on Friday that the my Clarisonic was the best gift that I’ve ever been given, and I meant it.  Many other companies have tried to copy the Clarisonic, but all the cheaper models I’ve tried pale in comparison.  There is only one, and once you’ve washed your face with the real thing, you’ll never go back.

Tina Tarantino Revolution Brush Set ($70).  For the money, this is one of the best sets that I have ever encountered.  It’s well-made, contains most of your essentials (you’ll need a blush brush) and comes in a vibrant pink hue.  It would be the perfect set for a younger woman building her collection of tools.

Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Lip Color in Gabrielle ($43). ( The cheaper site sold out before this published.)  Named after Chanel’s founder, Gabrielle is the perfect shade of red.  It looks good on many women, but not all.  But even if this isn’t the shade for you, giving a Chanel lip color or nail polish is a great way to give a friend a luxurious, designer gift without spending a fortune.

Butter London 3-Free Nail Lacquer ($15).  Butter London has the most amazing colors of any nail polish maker out there.  From The Black Knight to HRH, from Pillar Box Red to the Old Bill, the colors and the cute names make this polish the perfect gift for friends and acquaintances.  

Need a gift for your brother’s girlfriend or your college roommate? Try this holiday trio of adorable glitter polishes for just $36.  


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  1. B says:

    On the note of nail polish, I have a question. What nail polish colors would you consider appropriate for the office? I mean, obviously black is out of the question, but what about a sophisticated dark grey? Or greige? Or a brownish color? I'm very confused and would appreciate some advice. Thank you!

    December 12, 2011/Reply
  2. VA says:

    I broke down and bought a Clarisonic Mia (Christmas gift to me!) after hearing so many raves about it. Just, wow. It's been a week and I'm already seeing a big improvement, especially on some stubborn breakouts that have been recurring since October. Where was this when I was 16? It would have made high school so much more bearable. Disclaimer: Not paid/perked by Clarisonic to say this. Just a satisfied customer.

    December 12, 2011/Reply
  3. A different B says:

    B – it depends on your office. If you are in a very conservative workplace, I would say no to anything “dark”, but greige (like Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic) might be okay. Take a look at what other women are wearing. I personally like to follow the lead of my boss, who is stylish and always put together. Dress for the job you want, right?

    My office's dress code varies depending on what you are doing. I wear lots of pink and red, as well as taupe, nude shades and greige. I'm currently wearing Essie's Plumberry, and though it's on the bright side, it's a classic color. I wouldn't start out the week wearing a dark color, just like I wouldn't go into the office wearing jeans on a Monday when I had meetings. That said, I would have no problem wearing navy (Essie's Bobbing for Baubles is great), brown, eggplant or dark gray on a casual Friday.

    December 12, 2011/Reply
  4. Ellie says:

    Where is it $95?

    December 12, 2011/Reply
  5. Emme Gee says:

    You can get the Butter London polishes on skinstore.com for $14 plus 20% off with the code gift20. You can use the code to get 20% off the Clarisonic too!

    December 12, 2011/Reply
  6. Belle says:

    Ellie- When I clicked on that last night it was $95. Don't know why it's more today, but see if Skinstore has it and you can use the gift code mentioned above.

    December 12, 2011/Reply
  7. amy b.s. says:

    i wouldn't mind a clarisonic!

    December 12, 2011/Reply
  8. Belle says:

    Amy: Should I anonymously facebook message your husband or sister to that effect?

    December 12, 2011/Reply
  9. W says:

    I have to agree with you about the clarisonic. I tried it at Saks yesterday and I can't tell you the difference it made after just one try. I sound like an infomercial right now but its true! The clarisonic works wonders. I am x-ing my fingers, hoping I get one for Christmas too. PS–This might be a good Christmas giveaway…just saying!:)

    December 12, 2011/Reply
  10. Belle says:

    W: Right! People always accuse me of taking bribes from them, but really….I just LOVE the product.

    December 12, 2011/Reply
  11. Ellie says:

    Perfect, thanks Belle & Emme Gee. My sister better love me ­čśë

    December 12, 2011/Reply
  12. Gerard Brightman says:

    Nice gift items. The pink nail polish caught my eye! Love the color!

    December 13, 2011/Reply