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Tutorial: How to Stack Bracelets

For some time now, stacking bracelets of different sizes, textures and colors has been a big trend.  However, I don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry at once, and I have tiny wrists, so lots of bracelets looks a bit odd.  So I thought that today, I would write one post explaining how to stack skeins of bracelets so that they look chic and bold, and one post explaining how to embrace simple wrist jewelry.

Bathing your wrist in bracelets can be a great look.  However, sometimes, women mix and match whatever bracelets they have in their jewelry boxes and think that they’re following the trend.  But layering bracelets well isn’t just about how many you wear, it’s about which bracelets you choose.

Of the three photos in the set above, which do you think looks the most put together?  

The photo on the left is bold, no doubt, but it’s also kind of a mish-mash of sizes and textures and weights.  In the photo in the upper right corner, the color palette monotone and the pieces seem a bit too large for comfort.  For my money, the photo in the bottom right looks the best.  

I like the the sizes are varied but not disproportionate.  I like the use of single color metal but different colored enamels.  I also like the blending of textures with the pyramid bangle, the flat, link bracelet and the curved metal bangle.  Here is my attempt to create something similar that is sleek enough to be worn to work, but cool enough to show that you have style.

Polyvore Set Here.

At the bottom of the stack, you need a bracelet that can provide a strong foundation.  Here, I chose a thicker, gold bangle with a bit of a hammered look.  On top of the that, I added a teal enamel bangle to take advantage of fall’s trendiest color.  To add some interest, I added an Alexis Bittar bangle with a peacock print.  

To contrast the shine of the stack, I incorporated a bangle with black leather.  To add texture, I added a thin, pyramid bangle.  And lastly, I added one last Kate Spade enamel bangle to pull the color palette together and finish off the look.  If you had a watch with a square face and a black leather band, you could also add that.  

When stacking bracelets, I believe that balance is important.  Similar styles, similar sizes and coordinated color palettes.  

If your style is funkier than mine, feel free to mix it up, however, just don’t add bracelets to add them.  Really take a moment to think about what is holding the look together.  Is it the metal?  Is it the color palette?  Is it the size or texture?

Lastly, if you choose to mix metals, silver, yellow gold, rose gold etc., make sure that there is one piece that contains all of the metals that you are using.  That single piece will be like an anchor for the whole stack.  It might be a two-tone watch or a set of coordinated bangles, but you do need a piece to pull it all together.

Check back this afternoon for some tips on how to wear a single piece or wear pieces that are more delicate.  Because while I love the look above, my little wrists just couldn’t lift it.


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  1. Dr. Jean Grey says:

    I love this look, but it just doesn't work for people who are on a computer most of the day. I can barely wear a watch.

    October 24, 2011/Reply
  2. crm says:

    Funny, I thought the left looked the most put together. Maybe it's because the colors are all in a neutral palette that looks more sophisticated to me. It also looks more fitted to her wrist, which might alleviate some of the problems the first commenter referenced. But like Belle, I am more likely to wear a single bracelet at a time, if at all.

    October 25, 2011/Reply