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Bracelets for a Simpler Look

This morning, we talked about how to stack bracelets for a trendy look.  However, I like a simpler look.  I often wear bracelets, but I rarely wear more than one, so I choose my single bracelet wisely.

Polyvore Set Here.

Large shield cuffs that fit close to the skin are a great way to add a lot of punch with a single accessory.  This filigree cuff brings the drama, but not the weight, of a regular cuff.  It can be worn directly on the skin, or over the long sleeves of a snug fitting blouse so that the color of the top peeks through the gaps.

Coin bracelets were very popular in the early part of the 20th Century.  Sometimes you can find ones made out of Buffalo Nickels or Mercury Dimes at estate sales and antique shops.  I like them because they’re timeless, and because they don’t usually jingle with the same ferocity as a charm bracelet.  I don’t like to make noise when I walk like I’m a one-man-band.

Resin bangles are nice for women like me with tiny wrists because a) they’re light and b) they’re not supposed to fit tightly so they can slide around as much as necessary.  They’re also a great way to add color to an outfit.  

I bought one of these delicate charm bracelets from Gorjana at a Gilt Groupe sale and I love it.  It’s so light that I completely forget that it’s there.  And it adds just a drop of pretty to any outfit.

Lastly, I spotted these tribal bangle/cuff hybrids in this month’s Lucky magazine and fell in love.  Yes, they’re a little heavier than I normally like, but they are truly unique.  I love the pre-Colombian style and the rustic engraving.  These are right up Miss M’s alley.

If you’re only going to wear one bracelet, it needs to make a statement.  A large cuff or bangle can add color, texture and shine to an outfit, while a small bracelet can emphasize a woman’s femininity.   But whatever statement I’m trying to make, I prefer to do it with one bracelet instead of five.  Otherwise, my wrists get tired.


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  1. Katie says:

    I love these! I love bracelets, but I work at a computer all day and sometimes have to take them off if I'm typing a lot because they make too much noise. I can't imagine trying to actually work with five bracelets banging against my desk

    October 24, 2011/Reply
  2. Anna says:

    Any suggestions for people with really small wrists? I love bracelets and how put together they can make an outfit look but I can never seem to find any to fit my child sized wrists.

    October 24, 2011/Reply
  3. liz says:

    Anna – I have tiny wrists as well (and tiny hands that bracelets tend to slip off of), and I actually sometimes wear my own baby bracelets. I have one that is freshwater pearls that is supposed to fit a 6-year-old but definitely still fits me. Also, if you buy bracelets that have links of any kind you can take them to a jeweler and get some of the links removed so that the bracelet is basically custom-fit for your own wrist. Cuffs can be good because they're usually fairly adjustable. Also, I sometimes like to wrap a necklace a few times around my wrist to make it a bracelet.

    October 25, 2011/Reply