The Perfect Neutral Scarf

At least three times per week, I wear an ivory, linen/cashmere scarf.  I wear it to work.  I wear it to run errands.  I wear it on the plane.  I wear it with cocktail dresses.  I’ve worn to the point of becoming lifeless and threadbare.  

Needless to say, I’m on the lookout for a replacement.  And I think that I finally found it.

Tonal Metallic Scarf (BCBG, $98)

I mean, come on?  How perfect is this scarf?

It’s beige.  It’s grey.  It’s ivory.  And it has lurex running through it.  That means it’s a neutral-hued, metallic-accented dream product that can be worn with every color in my wardrobe.  

It’s perfect over an ivory cashmere sweater.  It’s lovely under my trenchcoat.  It looks chic with my navy sheath dress.  And it tones down my bright orange v-neck.  

Not to mention the fact that it’s 6′ long and 28″ wide, so I can wrap it around my neck until it is a voluminous mound of silk.  Or, if I’m feeling boho-chic, I can let it drape loosely.  Basic, but not boring, and versatile as all get out.

Yes, I love it.  I think I shall buy it.


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  1. Lisatella says:

    Nothing makes a woman look more mysterious than when she steps off a plane in big sunglasses and with a voluminous mound of silk around her neck. Needless to say I do this a lot. I try to be mysterious, I try.

    May 4, 2011/Reply
  2. Ms. B says:


    May 4, 2011/Reply