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Ask Belle: Resale Salon is Back, Finally


Are you still operating the Resale Salon?  


As you might imagine, things have been very busy around the Land of Belle.  As a result, the Resale Salon took a hiatus.  I was hoping to resurrect it in a forum form, so that readers could post their own items when and how they wanted to, but this turned out to be more work than previously thought.  But I’ve received a lot of emails like this one over the past few weeks, so I decided to bring it back.  

Because I didn’t know if the items that were sent to me by readers last year were still valid, I posted some items that I had set aside for sale from my own closet.  If you would like to list something (or several somethings) send them to me by COB Saturday, and I will post them Sunday.

To submit something, you send me a description and a photo or photos of the item (no more than three).  Make sure to specify size, brand, price, and shipping costs.  See full directions here. 

So head over to the Resale Salon and start saving on items from Robert Rodriguez, Rebecca Taylor, Banana Republic and more.  And if you have something to list break out the camera and turn your unworn clothes into cash for something new.