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Miss M's Drugstore Beauty Buys (Part II)

Facial Cleansing Wipes

Splurge: Josie Maran Bear Naked Argan Wipes ($12)

Save: Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Detoxifying Wet Cleansing Towlettes ($6)

Verdict: Save. The Josie Maran wipes are more than $12, the Garnier cost less than $6, don’t cause breakouts, and make remove all my makeup for hot yoga without having to wash my face. I’m a firm believer in religiously washing my face before bed, but if I’ve had a late night, this is a one-step wonder. I personally like the detoxifying quality, but for some it may be a little drying. If this is the case, use a non-comodogenic moisturizer where needed. 


1 1/4 Inch Curling Iron 

Splurge: T-3 1 1/4 Inch Twirl Curling Iron ($99)

Save: Conair 1 1/4″ Curling Iron ($19)

Verdict: Save. I have hair that holds curl, but I have to use a weighted, heavier curling iron and super hot barrel. The T-3 is amazing, and is known for keeping hair from severe heat damage with repeated use. However, I find $99 to be pricey for a curling iron, even though I use mine almost every day to create loose waves on my naturally straight hair. I am a Conair loyalist, simply because there is not reason not to be. The iron provides adjustable heat, a heavy barrel, quick heating and cooling, and gives me the perfect size wave or curl every time.


Self Tanner  

Splurge: St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse ($80 for 8oz)

Save: Bain de Soleil Mega Tan Sunscreen Lotion with Self Tanner ($9)

Verdict: Splurge! Splurge! Splurge! This product is one of the most amazing beauty product discoveries OF MY LIFETIME. Anyone who knows me, knows I love nothing more than perpetual bronze skin. I do not like the sun damage that comes with the real thing, so I have to use self-tanner.  

This product works on all skin tones.  I love this product so much and promoted it to the point that the Blue Mercury in Bethesda sold out of it.

Run, run like the wind to pick up this product and usher in the spring season properly! The St. Tropez goes on bronze, NOT orange, dries quickly, and doesn’t leave a faint gross smell. My favorite quality is the streak-free result and believable shade left behind – the perfect “did she just get back from vacation?” kind of bronze.

For perfect application, apply with gloves for an even finish, and the mousse does leave palms VERY dark. (I used dish washing soap to clean my hands because they were so tinted.) One more tip for perfect sunless tanning is to exfoliate. I prefer to wipe my entire body with a Tan Towel exfoliating towel right before a shower. Rinse and dry off, then apply the mousse. Voila!


Foot Cream

Splurge: DDF Glycolic Foot Cream ($32)

Save: Curel Ceramide Foot Cream ($13)

Verdict: Save. DDF products have great ingredients and usually involve high percentages of effective ingredients. This is a fact I appreciate about the DDF line of facial and body products. The glycolic foot cream is no exception. It is moisturizing and fresh smelling, and leaves skin soft and nourished. However, the Curel Ceramide Foot Cream does the same thing for much less money. It takes longer to absorb, but I usually use the age-old trick of applying a foot cream, slipping on a pair of socks, going to bed, then waking up with perfectly smooth feet. Do this every few weeks and you may be able to skip a pedicure or two.

Long Wear Lip Gloss

Splurge: Bella Faccia Gloss Ware ($18, sold exclusively at Woo in Buckhead, GA)

Save: Maybelline Superstay Lipgloss (Color + Gloss) ($5.25)

Verdict: Splurge. The Maybelline longwear gloss did stay on for a very long time. I had breakfast and coffee and still had color on my lips when I was done (and I drink a lot of coffee). The main reason I say splurge instead of save is because this gloss feathered and and cracked on my lips. No matter how much moisturizing I did beforehand, the product itself was incredibly drying.

The Bella Faccia Gloss Ware Long Lasting Lipgloss in color 149 Stella is the perfect, goes-with-everything pinky nude.  A close friend (and fellow fashionista and product junkie) introduced me to this line of gloss while visiting Atlanta. Though it’s a bit tacky in consistency, it smells good, doesn’t leave my lips parched, stays on and gives a perpetually shiny, polished look to lips without any fuss. 

Miss M is a contributor to Capitol Hill Style and retail marketing consultant.  You can follow her tweets @StyleMeMarissa.

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  1. Smeeshu says:

    Hi Belle! I'm new to self-tanner. How long does the St. Tropez last? Do you apply it just to your legs – or to your arms, chest, and face, too?

    Love your blog, BTW.

    March 23, 2011/Reply
  2. Nina says:

    I love this feature!

    So the good lipgloss is only available in Atlanta? I clicked on the link and it takes you to a website with no product ordering/delivery information. Can anyone recommend a similarly awesome, but more accessible product for the DC resident?

    March 23, 2011/Reply
  3. H says:

    love these posts!

    March 23, 2011/Reply
  4. Greta says:

    Just out of curiosity why would anyone pay $80 for the St. Tropez Mousse when you can buy it for $40 at Sephora?

    March 23, 2011/Reply
  5. Belle says:

    That's my fault. Miss M forgot to add a link, and I used the first one that I found on Amazon. It's $40 everywhere but on that site. No idea why.

    March 23, 2011/Reply