Editorial: Vogue UK is In Transit

Over the holidays, I purchased a dozen (or more) fashion magazines.  And as I was thumbing through them, I noticed something that I had never noticed before: I barely glance at the editorial content.  

Given that this is the back of the book content that the editors of the magazines spend the most time and money creating, I started to wonder why it is that I’ve never paid their hard work much mind.  The verdict?  I find the practical, front of the book advice, more digestible.  

Upon realizing that my practical nature may be impeding my sartorial growth, I decided to start taking some time to really examine the back of the book content.  And I’m glad I did, because British Vogue had a great piece that was both interesting, visually stunning and clever.

If only air travelers actually dressed in such amazing attire.  Certainly, this is an upgrade from Uggs and sweats. And I definitely wish the liquids and gels regulations were generous enough to allow full size toiletries. (Damn you, three-ounce-rule!)

images courtesy of Who What Wear

Vogue UK
Model: Julija Step
Photographer: Raymond Meier
Styled by: Charlotte Pilcher