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Belle's Weekly Reading: Volume ???

Why the question marks?  Because I have no idea which volume this is, and Roman Numerals are so last season.  From now on (hopefully) clever titles instead of Xs and Ix.


A Winter’s Tale. On Monday, Essie’s Winter 2010 collection comes up for sale, and I’m obsessed with a black-ruby color called “Masquerade Belle.” (I can’t imagine why.)  Also on the shopping list is a sable color called “Hot Coco.”  

And speaking of nail polish, Glamour’s Beauty Departments has a tip on how to make sure that your polish is dry before you go on with your day.  Because there’s nothing worse than ruining a perfectly good manicure because you decided that it was safe to make the bed/put on socks/type a blog post.  

Winter White.  On Wednesday, I walked into BCBG and asked if they had a white blazer.  The not-so-helpful sales person informed me that white was “so out of season” and that “no one wears white this late in the year.”  How I managed to exit the store without committing misdemeanor assault is a mystery.  

Luckily, the ladies at Fashionologie have my back.  Their recent post suggests two ways to wear winter white (or for the brave, just white) that are both stylish and seasonally appropriate.  Take that retail monkey!

Cozy Country Winter.  For those of you who actual like cold weather (sadists), the Washington Post has a trend report full of cozy winter pieces that you’re sure to love.  So grab those sweaters and scarves and bite your thumb at the high-70 degree weather that we’re currently experiencing.  Just be sure to wear deodorant.

Winteresting (Okay, that one was a stretch.).  Who What Wear has an interesting do-it-yourself idea that’s sure to give last season’s sweater a bit of pop.  And all you need are some antique-looking buttons, an old cardigan, a needle and thread.  Even my limited sewing skills should be able to pull that off.

Alright ladies, I’m off for some GOTV so CHS may or may not post on Monday depending on whether I can go doorbelling with three broken toes.  If the pain is too much, you’ll have posts.  If I power through like a political superstar, you won’t.  It’s really a game time decision.



P.S. I’m deeply disappointed that I couldn’t work in a reference to “Hazy Shade of Winter.”  Susanna Hoff was my childhood idol.  Maybe next time.