Faux Pas: Uggs Get Choo'd Up

In fashion, there are rules and then there are faux pas.  No white after Labor Day.  Don’t mix black and brown.  Never wear tights with open-toed shoes.  These are rules, and rules are made to be bent or broken.  But a faux pas is something entirely different.

In my opinion, most faux pas are the result of one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  Most often, sloth–you buy an item for a utilitarian purpose but over time, that purpose is obfuscated by your laziness.  For example, Uggs.

You buy a pair of Uggs to keep your feet warm on chilly Winter evenings at home.  Then one day, you decide to wear them to the grocery store because you don’t feel like getting dressed for the store.  Then the next day, you decide to wear them to brunch because it’s just a casual meal with friends.  

And so on, and so on, until one day you’re wearing them to work because the office is cold, and your feet hurt, and they’ll be hidden under your pants, and who’s looking at your feet anyway, and besides, everyone is doing it?

Today’s faux pas, however, is a sloth and greed combo pack that would make a Catholic priest’s toes curl. 

Uggs: Stud-ly, but still not Fashionable.

Meet the new Uggs designed by Jimmy Choo.  That’s right, I said Jimmy Choo. The creator of sky high stiletto’s has decided to go slumming in shearling.  That is if you consider paying $795 for a studded pair of Uggs slumming.

The idea of paying that kind of money for a pair of glorified bedroom slippers is astounding to me.  The insanity of it almost makes wearing regular Uggs with their $140 price tag seem fiscally responsible.  I hate Uggs in all their forms, but the idea of paying eight bills for a pair is just beyond the pale. 

And what on Earth is Tamara Melton thinking?  Her brand is a symbol of glamour and elegance, a beacon of hope for fashionistas everywhere , and she pairs up with UGGS!  Perhaps it would make more sense if she had embarked upon this collaboration three years ago when Uggs were at the peak of their popularity, but like Juicy Sweatsuits and Crocs, Uggs are on a bit of a downswing.

Bottom line, if you really want a pair of studded Uggs, buy a Bedazzler.  Because if you spend $800 on a pair of shearling boots, you deserve to have your credit card taken away from you. 



  1. B says:

    The funny thing is that currently the ad above this entry is for Ugg-looking boots.

    September 16, 2010/Reply
  2. Belle says:

    I'm crying on the inside.

    I don't know how that happened, but I am going to get to the bottom of it. Stupid random ad generators.

    September 16, 2010/Reply
  3. amy b.s. says:

    oh, mr. choo. you have disappointed me so.

    September 16, 2010/Reply
  4. lulu says:

    Doesn't look random to me, it takes keywords from the post. See the scarf ads above Alison's post.

    Of course the ad generator doesn't detect that some posts are critical.

    September 16, 2010/Reply
  5. Stephanie says:

    The worst keyword-generated ad I've ever seen was a few years back, when some college basketball players (from Duquesne, I think?) were shot. The ad that went along with the story on was for a basketball skllls camp. The particular skill the advertised camp focused on was, of course, shooting.

    Anyway, these Uggs rank right up there with the worst things I've ever seen. Some people must be just completely out of their minds.

    September 16, 2010/Reply
  6. I don't own Uggs says:

    Thank Gawd I never fell prey to the charm of a warm, comfy boot.

    September 16, 2010/Reply
  7. jenny says:

    i saw these last weekend in nyc and thought of you immediately. they are even more horrible in person.

    September 17, 2010/Reply
  8. Katie says:

    I walked by the Ugg's store in Georgetown today, and cried a little inside. Isn't this trend over? Why are they opening a new store?

    September 19, 2010/Reply
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