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BPGP: Ole Henriksen Natural Skincare

In just a few short weeks, yours truly will turn 28, placing me at the precipice of the slippery slope to 30.  While I’m trying to age gracefully, I’ve noticed that my skin is rapidly losing elasticity.  It’s also healing a lot slower than it used to. 

Sure, this could be because I spent my early-twenties eating nothing but Taco Bell and Heath Bars.  But at least some of the changes to my skin are the result of my advancing age.  So how do I fight back without resorting to extreme measures (Botox, chemical peels, etc.)?

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum ($48) is loaded with vitamin-C, antioxidants and collagen to help bring the bounce back to your skin.  Simply apply it after you cleanse, and let the light, aromatic serum penetrate into your skin before you moisturize. 

I’ve been using this product for two weeks, and I’ve seen a noticeable increase in brightness and tone.  I’ve also noticed that the dark spots caused by years of acne have faded slightly.  These are all good things.

Some of my favorite products come from the Ole Henriksen line.  I adore his African Red Tea serum for wrinkle reduction, his Mini-Peel System for exfoliation, and Pure Perfection nourishing night crème.  And now Truth Serum is definitely on my list of must-haves.  Henriksen’s products are on upper-end of the Hill Staffer price point, but they’re high-quality and can last for a long time.  So they are definitely worth the money.

If you want to try them without spending a pretty penny on full size products, Henriksen sells a number of reasonably priced kits that contain everything you need to clean, treat and protect your specific skin type.  These kits can easily last you four to eight weeks and will give you such incredible results, I know you’ll be hooked.  They’re also a great buy at $68 a piece.

So if you’re looking for organic, paraben free products that actually work better than their chemical laden counterparts, give the Henriksen line a try.  Because no matter what else I buy to augment my skin care regimen, I always end up going back to Henriksen and his all natural line.