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Belle's New Uses for Old Things Part II

Real Simple runs a great feature called New Uses for Old Things.  In it, they find creative ways to reuse items that you already own.  For example, I recently retrofitted my ironing board’s feet with cut tennis balls to keep them from scratching up my floors.  

A few months ago, I posted about how I use every day items in different ways and the post was such a success, I decided to do a second edition.

Plastic Bags and Packing Materials

Even post bag tax, I still have dozens of plastic bags stored under my sink.  In addition, every time I order a clothing item from an online retailer, I end up with miles of paper and plastic packing materials.  It seemed such a shame to throw it away, so I found a new use for it.  

I used the bags and packing material to stuff my handbags before I store them, this way they hold their shape and the leather doesn’t get wrinkled. It also helps the purses last longer.

Removing Underarm Stains

Nothing is worse than watching an expensive James Perse t-shirt die a slow death thanks to underarm yellowing.  To save your white, washable garments, soak them in a solution made of one cup of white vinegar and four cups of warm water.  Then launder as usual.

The underarm yellowing will disappear and your tees will be saved.  

Remove the Musty Smell 

Washington, D.C. is a humid place. Sometimes this humidity will find its way into your dresser drawers and leave a musty smell in your clothes.  Sure, you could spend serious coin on decorative, scented sachets to keep the must at bay.  Or you could do what I do and use tea bags.

Grocery stores sell hundreds of kinds of tea in citrus, jasmine, vanilla and spice flavors.  Buy a few boxes and add the bags to your dresser drawers.  Instead of must, your clothes will have the delicate scent of Earl Grey.

Remove Stains from Suede

Unless you have magical powers, protecting your suede shoes and bags from the stains of every day life is impossible.  Even if you add stain protector, it seems like the stains just find you.  But if you want to remove small stains from your suede, you can use the delicate side of an emery board to file them off.


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  1. Rose says:

    Great tips. Thanks!

    April 6, 2010/Reply