I Worship at the Feet of Donna Karan

For decades, celebrities and fashionistas have praised the work of Donna Karan, but I never really understood what all the fuss was about.  With the exception of a handful of red carpet looks, I found many of Karan’s designs a little bland for my taste.  But then, I saw these.

Belted Linen Jacket ($2,295)

Pleated Tulle Jacket ($2,695)

Belted Linen Blend Jacket ($1,995)

Pardon me, for a moment, I have to wipe the drool off of my MacBook.

I mean, I’ve always been a sucker for a perfectly tailored jacket, but if Rumplestiltskin would like to trade me my first-born for one of these jackets, then I would happily accept.  After all, kids are too much damn trouble anyway.  Just ask my parents.  But let’s say that you happen to love your children, or at least the idea of having children, and you don’t have a month’s salary just laying around, what do you do then?  

Perhaps, a moderately creative person could purchase a similar jacket (in a lower price point) and a sash and DIY a similar design.  


Nanette Lepore Carefree Jacket ($398)

This blazer has great structure and a chic folded peplum just like the jackets above.  It’s cotton instead of linen, because I find linen completely unwearable.  (Wrinkles.)  And it’s perfect for summer.

Flowerette Sash (J.Crew, $20)

A floral sash like this one from J.Crew would add a touch of whimsy, though I would probably just but a simple grey satin ribbon and be done with it.  Or maybe I would go for a dash of sparkle and buy a vintage crystal and satin sash.  Either way, tres magnifique!