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Academy Awards 2010: Bad Hair Day

Nothing ruins a lovely gown and stunning jewelry faster than bad hair.  Remember Jennifer Lopez’s giant Texas pageant hair from the 2002 Academy Awards?  Her locks looked like they had been blasted by nuclear radiation and Aquanet. 

This year, the red carpet was positively crawling with boring hairstyles *cough* Anna Kendrick, but only three ventured into the realm of the truly awful.


Here’s a tip: If you wear a flower in your hair, you must wear it on the side of the bun or the underside of the bun.  Because when you wear on the top of the bun, you look like you have a plant growing out of your head.  While I appreciate that the gardenia was supposed to be an homage to Oscar winner and trailblazer, Hattie McDaniel, it just didn’t work.

Who knew Tina Fey was a fan of the Bump-it?  Maybe Snooki has a side career as a hair dresser?  As one liveblog commenter put it, “She looks like a soccer mom headed out for a night on the town.”  Definitely not the way you want to compliment your Michael Kors gown.

It was tough to find a still photo that accurately depicted the size of the giant hair-bagel on the back of Sarah Jessica Parker’s head. Suffice it say, the bun was HUGE.  So big, in fact, that later that night, the gravitational pull of her hairdo caused her earrings to fall from her earlobes and orbit her head.  

“Tiny woman, giant hairdo” is not the reaction you want someone to have to your coif.