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He Said, She Said: Lingerie

Belle: Over the course of the last week, I received numerous e-mails asking me to what kind of lingerie is best for Valentine’s Day.  While I’m not an expert on such things, I find that what kind of lingerie you prefer is a very personal thing.

My taste tends to gravitate to the lacy, pin-up girl inspired styles that would probably strike most of you as fairly pedestrian.  But I find that the best lingerie is comfortable enough to wear every day but sultry enough for special occasions.  After all, lingerie can be pricey and I hate to watch good money, or good fashion, go to waste.

But part of me has always wondered: Do women wear lingerie for men, or do we wear it for ourselves? 

I guess the simple answer is that there is the lingerie you wear because you like it and the lingerie that you wear because he likes it.  But maybe we should ask our resident Y-chromosome what he thinks…

Beau: To answer this question, I went ahead and did an informal survey. I’m pleased to report that the answer is yes, yes men like lingerie. A lot.

I’m sure this brings our female readers to a logical question:What kind of lingerie should I buy?

Ask Him What He Likes. This sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many men wish their girlfriends, wives, lovers, etc. would just ask them what we’d like to see them wear. Because every man has his own tastes. Sure there are a lot of general things that are sure winners but the idea here is to do this for him right? So, ask.

If you don’t have the chutzpah to ask your man what he likes then, well, you might have some other issues that you need to work out.

Talk about it with him, trust me just having the conversation with him will put a smile on his face. If you really want to get his blood going, stop into the lingerie store the next time your at the mall and browse with him, watch his face turn red at the thought of you in all the things you point out.  Men may hate shopping but lingerie shopping is another matter.

Only Buy What You Are Comfortable In. A lot of lingerie is cumbersome and unwieldy. And if you plan on keeping it on while you…um…celebrate Valentine’s Day, then you want to make sure you are comfortable. It sort of takes away from the experience if you’re adjusting all the time or want to take it off more than we do.

Plus, we don’t want you to buy it and only wear it once. So if you want to enjoy the experience and have no qualms about throwing it on again the next time he asks, make sure it’s comfortable. 

Buy Something That Highlights Your Asset. All women are built differently. As such, it can’t be expected that every piece of lingerie will look the same on every woman. So make sure you go with something that YOU think you look good in. It’s a total waste if you put something on and come out of the bathroom sheepishly and turn off the lights ‘cause you’re embarrassed by how it makes you look.

If you’re going to wear lingerie for your man, make sure you can be your confident self once it’s time to celebrate your relationship. He’ll be appreciative that you bought anything at all, so really you should be more concerned with you being comfortable than anything else.