Date Week: Rocker Chic

I love any reason to get dressed up, which is why it upsets Miss M that I don’t date.  “Your clothes need to be shared with the world,” is her favorite argument.  This is why I’m such a big fan of girls’ night out.  

There really is nothing like getting all gussied up to hit the town with your fellow femmes.  And when I do, my favorite look is rocker chic.  I never get to rock the smokey eye and tousled hair at work, so I like to break them out from time to time for a night of cocktails and gossip.  I’m not an edgy chick, but I play one on TV.

Vince Asymmetrical Leather Jacket (ShopBop, $945)

The key to the rocker chic look is a good leather jacket.  My preferred style is the asymmetrical, folded collar jacket.  Sadly, Vince does not make one in a price range that doesn’t make me want to cry.

Taurus Seamed Party Dress (ShopBop, $182)

This dress is perfect for a pear shaped girl such as myself. Most people would think that adding volume is a bad thing, but with this dress the added volume functions like a type of structural camouflage.  As for the top, the corset lifts the bust and shapes the torso.  And how could you not love the vibrant mulberry color for a dull wintry day?

Nude Footwear Milan (Piperlime, $110)

While the stylist at ShopBop would no doubt choose a cage sandal for this look, I find that a sky high heel is more utilitarian.  Plus, I’m told that cage sandals confuse most men.  So if your goal is to find love on your girls night out, go with the stiletto.

Jeweled Swing Earrings (Forever 21, $5)

If I’m trying to project the rocker chic look, the last thing I want is sparkly jewelry.  A nice, black stone drop earring adds a little levity without shattering the illusion.

Halston Heritage Folded Clutch (ShopBop, $275)

Every woman needs a chic black clutch.  This bag from Halston Heritage is flexible, so it will hold a lot.  And the deconstructed shape isn’t too prissy for a rock chick.