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The Golden Globes: Color Me Surprised

While there was a lot of black on this year’s carpet, there was also a lot of color.  Unlike previous years where one color reigned supreme, this year saw a rainbow of hues.  Some were lovely, others…not so much.

I am not a Maggie Gylenhaal fan, but this dress is almost enough to make me change my mind.  The soft coral hue and art deco details is positively elegant.  Also, her tailor deserves a medal; that gown fits perfectly.

Gaby Sidibe looks positively regal in her emerald green gown.  I don’t care for the silver bag though, I prefer to mix green with yellow gold.

At first blush, I loved Sandra Bullock’s amethyst gown.  The pleated bodice is just perfect, but the sheer skirt takes a little getting used to.  Also, I would have preferred an open-toe shoe instead of a heavy pump.

Sofia Vergara’s Carolina Herrera column dress mixes a vibrant cranberry with slate blue for an unexpected yet chic combination.  Her dramatic gown has me searching frantically for a berry colored blouse to wear with my slate blue pencil skirt.

First off, let me say that I deplore this hairstyle.  She went for the finger wave and she failed, but the dress I love (except for the white bow and purse, I choose to ignore those).  The ombre quality of the chiffon is just lovely, and unlike Lauren Graham’s frighteningly fuschia frock it isn’t overwhelming.  And with Joshua Jackson on her arm, it’s not hard to see that some gentlemen do prefer blondes.

Cameron Diaz looks sassy but elegant in Alexander McQueen.  And while I’m not crazy about the heavy black platforms or the heavy makeup, this dress emphasizes her assets with style.