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Belle’s SOTU, Morning After Recap

Last night, millions of Americans gathered in front of their television sets to listen to the President lay out his vision for our nation’s future.  They did so because they’re deeply engaged in the political process, and because the major networks don’t show anything else during that time slot and most of us used up our cache of DVR’ed Downton Abbey episodes over the weekend. …

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Broadcasting Style: House of Cards’ Claire Underwood

Robin Wright’s character, Claire Underwood, is the undisputed Ice-Queen-in-Chief on Netflix’s hit series House of Cards .  As the conniving wife of a crooked Congressman, she is the hellish spouse that every staffer dreads.  Essentially, she’s Lady MacBeth with a better wardrobe.  And what a killer wardrobe it is. 1. Neutral Colors.  Claire’s wardrobe is all about neutral colors: black, grey, white and navy.  You like color?  She is not the …

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Broadcasting Style: Sloan Sabbith

On The Newsroom, actress Olivia Munn plays financial analyst Sloan Sabbith.  Modeled after CNBC “Money Honey” Maria Bartiromo, the running gag about Sabbith is that she’s a holder of two PhD’s who also qualifies as eye-candy for the white collar set.  While the “[she] makes nerds look good” characterization can be a bit tiresome, I still enjoy the show and her character.  So when a …

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Broadcasting Style: Emily Thorne’s Wardrobe

Revenge is the kind of campy classic that makes Sunday nights just a little bit more fun.  Sure, I’m looking down the barrel of a Monday morning (ick), but at least I can pour a cocktail, put on my pajamas and indulge in the occasionally ridiculous exploits of heroine (villain?), Emily Thorne. Emily’s wardrobe is a combination of downtown chic, evening elegance and Hamptons casual. …

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