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Ask the Editor: Vol. IV, No. Two

This week, the reader mailbag comes to us with some interesting questions.  Some of you are headed back to the office for the first time in three years.  Others are going to weddings and events aplenty.  And several of you are just struggling in the New Year with some of the same nagging issues that didn’t resolve last year.  Here are several of your questions.


My daughter is graduating into her first “adult job” this month after getting promoted.  I want to buy her a blazer that she can wear to work but still think is cool.  Budget is under-$500 since it’s a gift.

Thank you. Carly

Two recommendations: Banana Republic’s gold-button Captain’s blazer and the Khloe Blazer from Cinq a Sept (also in tweed).  Both are modern and stylish, definitely not boring.

Hi Abra!

A reader request for you: can you help me find a shoe to wear to a spring wedding? My bridesmaid dress is pale lavender, floor length. The wedding is semi-formal, with a garden party aesthetic. It’s at a beach club in California, but not on the beach. 

I’m 40 yrs old and have three kids and have no tolerance for discomfort; I’d prefer a flat shoe or low heel.

Metallic? Nude? Just say “eff it” and go with Tory Burch or Jack Rogers sandals.

Thank you! Jill

Well, I understand the lack of tolerance for discomfort.  Post-COVID, I can no longer tolerate a pinchy waistband, a snug shoulder, or a heel that hurts.  Life’s just too short.

My first suggestion is the Linques sandal in neutral.  It looks very fancy, but is comfortable.  To prevent rubbing over a long day, try an anti-chafing spray.  For a flat sandal that’s nice enough for a wedding, but relaxed enough to be comfortable, Badgley Mischka makes several jeweled, satin sandals.

Prefer a low heel?  For an outdoor wedding, try a low wedge.  Easier to walk in the grass.  Badgley Mischka also makes a low wedge.  Have lots of weddings to attend?  You might splurge on a pair of Stuart Weitzman’s.

Hi Belle,

I’m an event planner and coming back from the pandemic I need to update my work shoes. Happy to invest in some quality pairs for when I’m on-site and on my feet all day. Ideally flats. Can you share some comfy options? I already have Rothy’s and Birdies don’t seem to fit. Also open to sling backs.

Thanks, S

Let me suggest a few brands that you might try.  First, Rockport Total Motion makes shoes designed for all-day wear.  They have black flats and these block heel slingbacks, both of which should provide style and comfort.

Second, Cole Haan makes these stylish slingbacks.  And last, I wear these gold flats from Naturalizer to death in the summer months.  They’re very comfortable and come in a wide range of other colors.

Hi Abra,

I’ve returned to work on a hybrid schedule, and my office is business casual. From fall to spring I can’t get away with wearing ankle length pants with flats or heels because my feet and ankles get too cold.  I need to get some new pants for work, that are comfy, look sharp, and machine washable, that will allow me to wear socks- so I also need suggestions for shoes or booties to wear with them.

Can you suggest some pants and shoes combos that look nice and will let me wear socks? On top I usually wear a casual blouse with cardigan or blazer, or just a sweater. I’m 5’9″ tall and most pants have too short an inseam on me, and due to an old injury I can’t wear heels higher than 2.5″.

Thank you!! Erin

For the pants, I would look at the Spanx line and the NYDJ SculptHer line.  NYDJ offers a classic trouser and a wide leg, both pull-on, thick material, very comfortable.  Machine wash, lay flat to dry.  The wide leg style also comes in plus.

The Spanx Perfect Pants are a bit pricier, but come in wide leg and flare.  I have both.  I machine wash on delicate, lay flat to dry.  The wide leg pants are not very long, so I wear them with flats.

As for the shoe, I wear my Blondo Tanner Waterproof boots.  Pointed toe looks chic with black pants, and the mid-height block heel is easy to wear.  I also wear them with socks.  And I’m not particular about socks because no one can see them.  In fact, today, I stole a pair of my husband’s Pendleton National Park socks.  So I’m repping Acadia National Park — sorry, not sorry.  But if you are particular about socks, I recommend the Smartwool socks.

Want a boot that looks more like a heel?  Try these Ulissa Suede boots.  If you need suede protection, Crep Protect is the best.


Next week, I will be four months pregnant, and my skin is in rebellion.  The hyperpigmentation on my cheeks is so dark that I look spotted.  I can’t find a pregnancy safe treatment.  What did you use?

Please help. Lonnie

I used the PTR Niacinamide Discoloration Cream.  Obviously consult your OB first, but the Kojic Acid, Tranexemic Acid and Niacinamide are generally considered pregnancy-safe.  I also used ZitSticka’s Hyperfade patches on a couple of stubborn spots.  They’re made for post-blemish treatment, but they work on both.



  1. Laura says:

    Secra sandals! I swear, I have never had more comfortable sandals. I wore them for two weddings where I danced for hours and didn’t notice them at all!

    January 25, 2023/Reply
  2. Susan says:

    Just wanted to hop on here and second the shout out to NYDJ pants. They are well made, last forever and wash well. They are my new uniform, they are professional enough for work and stylish enough to not feel frumpy (and tbh, the name, “not your daughter’s jeans” would indicate otherwise!)

    January 25, 2023/Reply
  3. Janine says:

    Thanks for pants recs! I have the Smartwool cable socks in 3 colors and really like them for wearing with trousers.

    January 25, 2023/Reply
  4. G says:

    Aerosoles cosmos for wedding shoes! They’re more comfortable than most flats I own and very festive

    January 25, 2023/Reply
  5. Paula says:

    The Captains blazer is so classic. I have it in black and ivory.

    January 26, 2023/Reply
  6. Katie says:

    I am so glad to see I’m not the only one with cold ankles! Sock wearers, unite.

    January 26, 2023/Reply