Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 339

You can find peace amidst the storms that threaten you. // Joseph Wirthlin

+ Stop being so hard on yourself.

+ These might be the coolest shoes I have ever seen.

+ Iranian women are protesting the tyranny of the “morality police.

+ This sweaterdress was a quick “add to cart,” as was this cable sweater.

+ A discussion about the inequity that exists in many hetero relationships.

+ Get chic wall art with a vintage Hermes scarf and an acrylic frame.

+ Need toy suggestions for the holidays? Try TikTok.

+ Tighten up your pores with this purifying mud mask.

+ Three biases that derail mid-career women.

+ Fall Outfit. Dolman Sleeve Sweater + Knit Skirt + Ankle Boots

+ My favorite fall soup is delicious and so easy to make.

+ Need affordable wedding dresses? Try BHLDN for misses, Eloquii for plus.

+ How Judy Woodruff has seen politics change over decades covering D.C.

+ LL Bean has the best fall sweaters. This cotton fisherman’s sweater is awesome.

+ How Infertility TikTok helped one woman feel less alone.

+ These joggers and tummy smoothing leggings are all I’m wearing right now.

+ A look at the retailers embracing inclusive sizing and the growing market.

+ Cinq a Sept is now at The Outnet. My favorite blazer is on deep sale in some sizes.

One Interesting Read. What happened to billionaire-heir Michael Rockefeller? Smithsonian Magazine covers the mystery.

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  1. Lisa says:

    The HBR article you linked is the first time I’ve ever read the phrase “sensitive striver” and I’ve never felt so seen in my entire career. Thanks Abra!!!

    September 23, 2022/Reply
  2. Allison says:

    Agree with Lisa! I am seriously struggling with what’s described in the article. Anyone have a suggestion of how to go about adjusting self perception and work behaviors, like described here? I know to change I need to practice, and I feel like I need someone to guide me. I’ve tried therapists but it hasn’t worked, they just aren’t oriented enough to career coaching. Every career coach I’ve run across either isn’t as successful as I am now (sorry, but it’s true) or they cost thousands of dollars. Has anyone successfully done this? Is there such thing as a therapist that specializes in career performance? I know I need a mentor, but there’s no one suitable at my company, and I don’t have someone from my past that I can rely on. (I have a hard time connecting with mentors, because I am feel like I am hiding that I am a complete idiot by trying 300 times harder than anyone else.)

    September 23, 2022/Reply
    • Amanda says:

      Becca Camp ( works wonders.

      September 24, 2022/Reply
    • pompom says:

      So, one minor quibble: a career *coach* doesn’t need to have been where you are or where you want to go for them to be successful. Coaching is not mentoring or advising. Coaching as a practice is based on the idea that you as the coachee (client) are in the driver’s seat and are going to be the expert in your goal, field, level, etc.; the coach is there to ask questions and help you identify and/or craft the strategies that work for you to help get you there. That’s not to say you should get coached by anyone…that’s a bad idea! But, mentorship might be more appropriate if you are looking for a been-there-done-that relationship.

      If you want someone who has done that themself and/or has a lot of experience with folks at that level, look for executive coaches specifically. They will have worked with a higher level of client success/achievement, and can play in that space much better.

      September 26, 2022/Reply