The Range: My Five Current Must-Have Picks

Working all day, being pregnant and trying to keep this side hustle functioning — I don’t have a lot of time to shop.  Luckily, Amazon, Target, Sephora, etc. all deliver. Here are my current must haves snapped up on delivery.

Have dark circles?  Due to the peachy color of this Ginzing Refreshing and Brightening Eye Cream, it instantly reduces under-eye darkness.  The active ingredients — caffeine, ginseng and Niacinamide — reduce the puffiness and darkness over time.

Since being pregnant, I’ve developed a terrible sensitivity to smells.  Cooking smells.  Pet smells.  My husband’s many smells.  So I picked up a handful of these BlueAir HEPA Filters and they are great.

They’re whisper quiet, work automatically, and are currently working overtime due to the wildfire down the road from our home. I keep one in the kitchen/family room area, one in my husband’s office, and one in the hallway near the nursery and guest bathroom.  The reduction in smells is incredible.

My experience with maternity clothes has been less than stellar, but this dress, this dress is a must.  Pregnant, not pregnant, you can wear this Ribbed Jersey Dress.  It’s designed to be stretchy, so it would fit misses, maternity, and the lower end of the plus range.

And it is SO SOFT. Seriously, I chose those capital letters for a reason.  It’s a nightgown that I can wear to work.  I love the rust color so much (perfect for fall) that I raced to buy the black.  And did I mention the price is under-$40?  Like I said, raced.

Since week-18, my feet have been too swollen for real shoes.  It’s been a joy.  So I had to adapt.  First, I bought these men’s Air Jordans, and they’re fabulous.  Finally, having size 8.5 feet (you could have feet 8 or larger and fit into a men’s size) paid a dividend.  I love the gold wings on the back, they’re sweet.  Need a women’s size in a comparable sneaker?  The gold detail on these Veja Esplar’s is nice.

Other shoes that are getting me through late maternity and postpartum: Birkenstocks in brown, Birkenstocks in black, Ugg slippers, and (when my ankles will allow it) Rothy’s in camo.

This workout top from CRZ Yoga is comfortable and, most importantly, breezy.  So when it’s 100-degrees outside, but my husband has the AC kicking, I can be comfortably cool and not stifled.  The sizing is a little big, so I’m in a small, not a medium.  It runs up to XL, which they say is a 14, but I think a 16 would be just fine in it depending on proportions.

CRZ Yoga has some nice products.  Lots of styles, great colors, and a wide selection of fabrics.  I also really like their swimwear, which is sporty in a hot way, but gives you lots of coverage if you want it.

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  1. Jenn says:

    Co-sign on those Air Jordans. I bought them as soon as Abra posted them the first time, and they are so fabulous. I got a ton of compliments on them and they add such a great little pop to an outfit. And they don’t easily scuff or get dirty.

    August 5, 2022/Reply
    • Allison says:

      I did too! Thanks for the rec Abra!

      August 5, 2022/Reply