Five Things I’m Buying for Spring

This spring, I’m prioritizing pieces that bring me joy.  Pieces and product I can wear and use for seasons to come.  Here are a few things that are on my wishlist for the season.

This tote from Everlane is a great weekend, travel, or work bag (yes, it will hold a 13″ laptop).  The wide, adjustable strap is a lifesaver.  The Italian-made leather is luxurious and feels expensive.  And the folded front pocket is a nice detail.  It reminds me of this more expensive Strathberry tote.

Looking for something less expensive? Try this deep tan hobo bag I found on Amazon.  It looks much more expensive than its <$75 price tag.

Chanel’s nail colors make fantastic gifts.  And their classic Le Vernis polish in Vibration is no exception.  The color is a great alternative to red, and gives you more pop than baby-pink.  I am so excited for it to arrive.

This dress from J.McLaughlin is everything that I’m looking for for spring and more.  The dark floral print reminds me of one of my favorite William Morris designs.  It gives you all the zest of a spring floral in a sophisticated, feminine print.  Love it.

I regret nothing, except my eyebrows from 1997-2009.  I’ve been growing my brows back in for years, and they are so much better than they used to be.  But shortly before Christmas, I started using GrandeLash on my brows, and even the parts I was sure would never grown back are filling in.  (This is particularly amazing since I’m not the most diligent user of the product, 1-2x per week, maybe.  Clearly, it works.)

As my brows grow back in, I have been filling them in with the Hourglass fine-tip brow pencil.  It works well, but I think I’m ready for the big guns, the Hourglass Fiber Brow Gel.  The gel uses micro-fibers that adhere to your hair like that Ronco Hair in a Can from the 80s infomercials.  I received a sample a few weeks back, and one swipe gave me millennial brows in seconds.

After eight years, it’s finally time to replace my black point Rothy’s.  They don’t have a tear or a rip or a fray, but the color has faded with washing and wearing and I’d like a fresh pair.  And while I’m there, I will be picking up these Rothy’s driving moccasins (though I can’t decide between the beige and the tan).

I saw these moccasins (in tan) on a friend, and they looked fabulous.  The shape is classic.  The colored stripe at the back is a nice accent.  And she said they were comfortable out of the box.  Sold.

So what’s on your spring wishlist?  Share your best finds in the comments.

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  1. Sarah says:

    If I weren’t still working from home 100% of the time and barely wearing any non-running shoes, I would buy those Rothy’s. They look great!

    March 7, 2022/Reply
  2. Emma says:

    I’m due in early October (so just a little behind you, congratulations!) and would really love a guide to stylish, professional maternity wear for the spring and summer. I feel like it’s going to be so hot and I will be huge and need to steer clear of mumus, plus I’m attending two weddings! I also might have to buy that Chanel polish, it looks gorgeous.

    March 7, 2022/Reply
    • Anna says:

      Me too! I’m always kind of annoyed by how chilly Seattle summer can be (for this Florida girl at least….I shouldn’t be wearing a sweatshirt in May!), but I always dreaded the idea of being heavily pregnant in East Coast summer, so looks like I’ve lucked out!

      March 7, 2022/Reply
      • Nel says:

        Me too – and not just mat, but postpartum. My body is just different, can’t figure it out. Dressing for work has been so sad for me, because it is something I used to love. It would bring me so much joy. Now all of a sudden I’m lost.

        March 7, 2022/Reply
  3. Naomi says:

    My very first pair of Rothy’s is *finally* on its way – I delayed for years, but couldn’t stand the idea of another summer with uncomfortable flats. Would you let us know how you like the moccasins / make any suggestions for styling? Thanks!

    March 7, 2022/Reply
  4. Laurel says:

    A super minor heads-up that lash and brow serums, including Grand Lash, are contraindicated when pregnant and nursing.

    When I was pregnant last year I was shocked how much skincare and make-up I had to switch up. is a really great doctor-written guide that goes product by product

    March 7, 2022/Reply
    • Belle says:

      The recommendations on this are very different depending on who you talk to and who your doctor is. Some lists will tell you not to use one thing, others will say you can use it sparingly, others won’t ban it. I showed my fertility specialist the four products that I was iffy about (one of which was grande lash), and she basically said don’t use them every day, and banned one. So the take away here is ask your doctor, and if you’re not sure, replace it.

      March 7, 2022/Reply
      • Laurel says:

        Thanks for noting that Belle! After I posted I was like, gah, I should have said check with your doctor. Great point.

        As an aside, I asked my OB if snail serum was okay and she responded that after 40years on the job she thought she had been asked every question imaginable, but that was new to her. She had no suggestions but I stopped using it when pregnant anyway.

        March 8, 2022/Reply
  5. Mered says:

    The Rothy’s Driver is such a great shoe! I own the raspberry and while bright, it looks great with jeans, black pants and navy pants. I’m considering purchasing the green next for another fun color option. Very, very comfortable.

    March 7, 2022/Reply
  6. AnOn says:

    Rothys are stylish but not as comfortable as Allbirds, imo.

    March 7, 2022/Reply
    • Naomi says:

      Ha! I love my allbirds, but my husband has gently suggested that they’re not as stylish as I thought!

      March 8, 2022/Reply
  7. E says:

    AH, when I saw that dress, my first thought was William Morris too! We have Strawberry Thief pillows in our living room & are planning on a WM wallpaper for our slowly developing nursery 🙂

    March 8, 2022/Reply
  8. S says:

    I don’t have anything on my spring wishlist per se, but I do feel more hopeful about buying clothes to leave the house than I have in a while. For example, the idea of a more festive sundress doesn’t seem as pointless as it has over the past two years.

    March 8, 2022/Reply