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Gift Week: Amazing Gifts Between $200-$400

As the week goes on, the gift suggestions will decrease in price.  So today, we’re talking about gifts in the $200 to $400 range for her and for the home.  I’ve asked Kyle to put together a gift guide for Friday, but he just got a promotion, so he may not get there.  But here’s hoping.

I don’t wear a lot of designer, but a gift with a bit of luxury to it always works for any recipient you want to spoil a bit.  This Gucci Double-G Brooch is a great pick because you can jazz up a coat, a scarf, a sweater, or even clip it to ribbon to wear around your wrist.  You could also try this Hermes enamel bangle or this great Hermes scarf (which you can also frame like art it’s so beautiful).  Or snap up a pair of these iconic Celine sunglasses.

Also, it’s a hot take, but this Loewe belt is so much better than the Gucci one.

Decorative bowls and serve-ware make great gifts for people who you don’t know that well.  This extra large teak bowl from Terrain would look amazing on a dining table or coffee table, and it has real visual impact.  This acacia footed bowl is another great example for under-$125.  Or gives this decorative wooden dough bowl a look.

A basic leather tote is a great gift for Mom, for your friend, for a recent graduate.  It just works.  This Cuyana option is one of my favorites because it’s big without being cavernous and it zips shut, which is great.  It comes in a bunch of neutral core colors and handful of seasonal colors which change often.  And you can buy one of their internal organizers to give you better, more organizes storage.

I bought the NuFace facial toning device a few weeks ago.  I’m still testing it out for a comprehensive review, but early indications are that it works to firm and tighten skin, while lessening fine lines and wrinkles.  Using it has really tightened up the skin on my neck and my jowls.  So stay tuned for a stronger review soon, but this NuFace system would make a great gift in the standard size or the mini size.

Another great beauty gift in this price point are the Artis Elite Brushes.  I know, they look weird, but they are incredible (especially on aging skin).  They make your foundation and concealer look perfectly applied every time, and they blend eye makeup beautifully.  This whole set + the essential cleaning pad (it’s called essential for a reason) would be an awesome gift.  You could also piece out a few brushes; I recommend the No. 7 for foundation and powder (in black or chrome), the No. 6 for bronzer and blush (in black or chrome), and the Circle 1R for concealer.

This $110 two brush set will also get your foundation and your bronzer/blush needs met.  And it comes in the stunning all black with some cleaning supplies.  But seriously, don’t miss the cleaning pad.

Personalized jewelry is a great gift.  I have long loved these Maya Brenner necklaces.  They are such a wonderful, subtle way to wear your own initials, your partner’s initials, or your child’s initials.  All of her designs are really lovely and simple.  And if you purchase soon, you can have it personalized and ready to go for the holidays.

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  1. RR says:

    I’ve had my Maya Brenner necklace for a million years and I absolutely love it. Great choice.

    October 21, 2021/Reply