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Outfit Re-Do: Another Look at Scarves

Outfit Re-Do is a new-ish feature where I create popular outfits from the early 2010s, aka. the Golden Years.   To find looks to recreate, I search through old Pinterest posts.  While searching this weekend, I realized two things: 1) we wore a lot of scarves back then, and 2) I still own a bunch of those scarves.

We all remember the days of the BIG plaid scarf.  (Whew, it’s a wonder no one choked to death on the polyester fibers.)  But these days the oversized plaid scarf has been relegated to the apple-picking photos of days past.  This doesn’t mean that all your scarves need to be put out to pasture, a great neutral scarf is always in style.  Want me to prove it?

We live a bit differently in 2021 than we did in 2013, so I’m not feeling those jeans and high-heeled boots right now.  But the rest of the pieces are so classic, that you only know how old the photo is because of that ancient, brick-like iPhone in her hand.

Sweater // I cannot believe I found a cardigan nearly identical to the inspiration photo.  It’s an open, drape knit cardigan with ribbed texture from Autumn Essentials.  It comes in three colors, costs under-$75, and is machine washable.  Plus-size?  The cardigan runs through size 20.

I also like this Ottoman ribbed cardigan that comes in several colors.  And if you want something cozier, Ugg makes a fluffy cardigan in a drape style.

Tunic Tee // A long v-neck tunic tee is a wardrobe staple.  This LOFT v-neck tee is a great option because it has a shirttail hem.  Halogen makes a long sleeve version that I also love.  Plus-size?  Try this Halogen tee or this Auslook tee.

Scarf // A large, lightweight scarf is a nice option.  The width and weight of this scarf is nice because it’s not too much, but it still has substance to it.  This Herringbone Scarf and this cashmere and silk wrap are fantastic.

Pants // Like I said, jeans are not at the top of my shopping list right now.  A great alternative for fall are these Spanx leather-look leggings.  Some people prefer the Commando leggings because they have more of a leather look, but they’re both great.  Yummie also makes a leather legging that runs up to size 3X.

Shoes // It’s hard to know what shoes to wear with leather leggings.  I always feel like leather boots are a bit too much for me, but they may work for you.  I usually wear Rothy’s or black sneakers.

These Veja SDU sneakers have a fantastic, sporty look to them.  I also love these Adidas sneakers.  Have wide feet?  Try these Naturalizers.

Bag // Buying a bag when you’re not leaving the house as much seems a bit frivolous, but as a result, I took a dusty purse out of the closet last week, and realized it looks a bit worn.  Thinking about an update, I went hunting for something simple with a cool shape.  The Cuyana Double Loop bag is the dream, but I also adore this under-$100 Loop bag from Anthropologie that comes in five great colors.

Accessories // To finish out the look, we need a simple hoop earring and a stunning pair of sunglasses.  Shashi is my favorite affordable jewelry line, and these Asa hoop earrings are fabulous.

The sunglasses I chose are from MCM, and they have a very unique shape and a leather accent.  I also love these Ray-Ban Aviators in black and gold. (which I own and wear almost every day).

Updating a look isn’t just about choosing on-trend pieces.  It’s about choosing pieces that are relevant for the way you live.  So with a few minor tweaks, this big scarf look from almost a decade ago can easily be worn now.

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  1. Niki says:

    I love that I have all of these pieces already – thanks Abra for teaching me how to combine them!

    September 27, 2021/Reply
  2. Jen says:

    I love this because I still like cozy scarves, and it seems like these days I’m only dressing up once or twice a month; the rest of the time I’m looking for comfy outfits that still look a little polished. I have most of these items…just lacking some faux leather leggings. I would love to see more comfy outfits like this!

    September 27, 2021/Reply
  3. EMM says:

    Love this update to the look! I’d love a post on how to incorporate silk scarves (both casually and with workwear) – I have a few but am always stuck on how to tie them and wear them for a full day of work or weekend wear.

    September 27, 2021/Reply
    • Jen says:

      Me too! I bought a couple of new silk scarves recently…I love the idea of them, but I’m not completely sure how to make them work for me casually or professionally.

      Here’s a link to one of my scarves…I have the almond/black one.

      September 27, 2021/Reply
      • H says:

        Google images of Lynn Good (ceo of Duke Energy) she wears a silk scarf every day (almost always Hermès) and she always looks so chic. She’s 50+ years old though so I always wonder what her outfits would look like on a 20-30 something. I think it would still work, just never seen it.

        September 27, 2021/Reply
        • Cait says:

          Great tip! I never would’ve thought of that but I love her style (even though I’m a few decades younger than her). Abra, have you considered doing a series on female CEOs with great style?

          September 28, 2021/Reply
          • Mary says:

            Oh I LOVE this idea. May I suggest including Mary Barra of GM

            September 28, 2021/Reply
            • Amanda says:

              +1. Roz Brewer, CEO of Boots Walgreens has the best style!

              October 4, 2021/Reply
  4. Paula says:

    I love this look:

    September 28, 2021/Reply