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Monday Outfit: Denim Shorts for Summer

Do you ever spot an outfit on social media (one that you didn’t think was your style) and you totally fall in love with it?  This shorts and sweater combo (I know, I know, trust me.) is just such an outfit.  So let’s get started.

This outfit comes to us from Itsy Bitsy Indulgences, a woman who takes her shorts seriously.  And this outfit shows that she knows what she is doing.  So let’s recreate it.

Sweater // The J.Crew Juliette Coatigan is one of my must-have items.  I love it to the moon and back.  It’s the most versatile, wonderful piece of clothing that I have ever owned.  I’m wearing it over pajamas right now.  It’ll make you feel sophisticated and elegant even over a pair second-day pjs.  You should go buy one (or three), I’ll wait right here.

As for sizing, it depends on whether you want a looser fit (go TTS) or a slimmer fit (size down).  The sweater is also available in plus-size.

Shorts // These Kut from the Cloth 5″ Frayed Shorts are the third pair of shorts that I’ve bought in the past month. Maybe post-pandemic Abra likes shorts?

I chose the KftC shorts for the length and the slightly cool, slightly classic styling.  If you want more distressing, these cuffed jean shorts from Silver (I know, 90s throwback) look great.

Tank Top // Finding a camel-colored tank top was not easy, but this Reiss racerback tank came through.  This Chico’s scoop neck tank will also work.

Hat // This Vince Camuto face-framer hat has a hole in the brim for your ponytail.  Not a feature I had considered before, but now I’m wondering how I ever lived without it.  If you want a more traditional style, this Beach Rancher hat from HatAttack is worth a look.

Shoes // As you know, I like more substantial summer footwear.  Keep your flip flops, I’m here for a sandal with some structure.  And these Anthropologie Fisherman Sandals give me just that.  If you prefer something a bit lighter, braided sandals seem to be in this summer, so I chose these ones from American Eagle.

Need wide fit?  These Raid sandals are cool.  Also, ASOS has a lot of trendy shoes in wider widths, so I would bookmark the page.

Necklaces // This Eyem paperclip chain necklace and pair of Sterling Forever chains is a cool look.  If you love the layered look but don’t know how to make it look quite right, I recommend buying them already layered.  This delicate droplet pair from Nordstrom is nice, and I like this La Meno essentials pair.

Styling //  I’m wearing a hat and sunglasses so the odds that I’m wearing makeup are not high.  But if I were going to, I am loving this Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Mystic Gold (half-price).  It just gives you a nice shimmery wash.  And if you need a little more tan in your life, the Isle of Paradise drops are the way to go.

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  1. Cait says:

    I’m obsessed with this! Sweaters and shorts are actually my jam. I feel like I spend every summer boiling outside and freezing inside. I have like 5 things from this roundup in various shopping carts right now- SO happy to see wide width shoes!

    May 24, 2021/Reply