The Find: & Other Stories Sale

It’s officially end-of-season sale time as retailers prepare for the arrival or spring/summer attire.  & Other Stories has a pretty fantastic sale going on, so I thought I would share a few of their best discounted pieces.

Also, the terms of service for affiliate links require that you do not post exact prices for items.  As a result, I’ve been leaving them off when I post The Range and other posts.  I’m going to try posting a price range (<$100, >$50, etc.) and see if that gives readers a bit more clarity, because it’s not fun to see something you love and then be gobsmacked by the price.

Fitted Wrap Cardigan <$50

Puff Sleeve Peplum Top <$50

Embellished Bar Hoops

Belted Texture Wrap Dress

Leather Suede Crossbody <$100

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  1. Grace says:

    Great finds! This is a great brand with unique pieces that aren’t oversaturated. Their cosmetics, especially when on sale, are fantastic!

    That’s such good insight about the affiliate link terms of service. It used to drive me nuts when I’d see influencers advertise something as “under $50!” only for it to be a penny less…makes so much more sense now!

    March 12, 2021/Reply
  2. LM says:

    How is &Other Stories sizing? Do their items tend to run true to US size? Or smaller, as I find most European brands (it’s all relative, of course). I don’t see any sizing info or reviews on the site. I did notice what appears to be a decent return policy. I’d still rather get it right the first time!

    March 13, 2021/Reply
    • sara says:

      Not quite as drastic as other European sizing, but if I’m worried about something being too tight or too short, I size up in Other Stories. So while I’m 90% of the time a size 2 in other brands, I size up to a 4 in anything that isn’t loose-fitting. Their return policy is good so if in doubt, you’re not risking that much!
      Their swimsuits do run a full size to two sizes small, though.

      March 13, 2021/Reply
      • Belle says:

        I size up in bottoms and dresses because I’m larger on bottom. I’m usually good in tops as TTS.

        March 13, 2021/Reply