The Find: My Favorite Face Mask

Jan 8, 2021

I try to keep the price points on this blog realistic.  No $350 serums that last six weeks.  No $1,500 clutches (except for inspiration to find something cheaper).  No raving about a dress that costs as much as a downpayment on a Ford Focus.

That’s why posting a silk face mask that costs as much as a nice meal at a good restaurant feels a bit iffy, but I really love this maskand it has an outsized impact on my life.  So here it goes.

Wolford’s Reversible Lace Face Mask wears like a dream.  It’s made from the softest silk material that I think I’ve ever felt.  It’s comfortable and breathable.  The shape and construction conforms well to your face.  Frankly, it’s the only mask that I can imagine wearing for an entire work day, especially in makeup.

The masks run $43.  I know, it’s a lot.  But considering I have to wear it for 8-10 hour per day, it’s a worthwhile purchase.  I bought three, so I hand-wash them in the sink so I have one ready for every day.  It’s not ideal, but waiting to catch up with the laundry isn’t ideal either.

Looking for a silk mask for less?  Try this one from D’aire or this one from Jessie Zhao.  Both are silk, both have adjustable ear straps, and both cost <$30.

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  1. Cait says:

    Oh wow. I’m on a January non-essential spending freeze but I’m seriously considering breaking it for this. I have plenty of cotton face masks but my in-office time is about to jump from 5-10 hours per week to 20-30 and a truly comfortable, breathable silk mask sounds like a dream!

  2. Christine S. says:

    Not nearly as pretty, but the Reebok/Adidas face masks are the only ones I’ve found that are comfortable enough to wear all day or work out in (while still passing the candle test).

  3. Marge says:

    I LOVE the night silk ones – I have 4 of them. They are the only ones that don’t break my face out. They were breathable in the summer heat and don’t fog up my glasses in the winter. I have to admit I hate hand washing them but it is worth it. Pricey but you can always find a code or I got 2 of mine on sale from Bloomingdales.

  4. E says:

    Appreciate the cost sensitivity! Don’t think this is ridiculous but definitely on the higher side for a mask. But it’s nice to have the acknowledgment that it might be beyond some folks’ budget! I’ve unfollowed so many influencers after seeing them constantly shill gifted pieces that are hundreds or even thousands of dollars…

    • RT says:

      Second this sentiment! I have to roll my eyes when I see someone wearing and promoting outfits that regularly cost more than what I make in a month.

      I am happy to pay a premium for well-constructed pieces, but not every piece in my wardrobe is $500+.

    • Pb says:

      Hi S!

      I’m a Democrat here, married to a Democratic Member of Congress for what it’s worth. There are still principled Republicans, and Abra is one of them. Don’t castigate her for something she has no responsibility for….she has been outspoken about her opposition to 45 for a very long time. Against kids in cages and certainly against terrorists storming the Capitol.

      This is a fashion blog. So if you don’t want fashion, find something else to read. The internet is vast….I’m sure you can find something that reflects your mood better.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Keep in mind that if you choose a cloth face covering instead of a surgical or other mask, the type of fabric (tightly knit is better, actual filter material is best) and the number of layers (three are better than two) matters a lot. Here is Professor Marr’s latest research:

    And here is a summary of it:

  6. S says:

    Ugh. A known Republican returning to her blog to peddle face cream when the utter awfulness of the Republican Party is still permeating the air is just ugh. I came here wondering if there might be something thoughtful. Nope. What was said yesterday is obvious and takes no courage to say. Maybe don’t say anything but posting about face masks already? Feels like you agree with Tucker Carlson that this just isn’t really a big deal. It’s really the snowflakes fault. Back to normal!!!

    • JC says:

      I’ve seen you comment many times and I don’t recall a single one of them being remotely nice. Why do you even follow this blog?! Lol I have to imagine your life is full enough to not need to get pleasure out of hate following and commenting on strangers blog posts. But maybe not judging from the bitterness reflected in all of your comments.

    • E says:

      Okay, no. Uncool. Abra has been anti-Trump since before he was elected. She’s taken a consistent and principled stance against him and what he stands for, even though I am sure she’s lost work from potential political candidates, etc. for it. (And that income would be way more than whatever affiliate links she gets from this facemask).

    • NadinE says:

      Abra is not responsible for the other day’s horrors. She didn’t encourage it or participate in it, and has actively denounced Trump’s actions on this blog in the past.

      It’s not her job to fix the Republican party.

    • Jess says:

      I would suggest that S read political blogs or watch the news then if you are only looking for comments on what happened at the Capitol.

      Unfortunately, during this day and age, it takes courage to even admit you’re Republican.

    • Belle says:

      Tucker’s gross.

      The people who stormed the Capitol are domestic terrorists. I hope the FBI finds every one and puts them up for prosecution.

      I hope this brings real changes to security at the Capitol.

      I pray Trump isn’t in office for even one moment longer, a prayer I have said many times over the past four years.

      I hope the other Republicans, esp. elected officials, do some real soul searching about what their rhetoric has wrought. If they don’t, I hope their voters replace them.

      I hate what happened this week. I hate that the response isn’t universal condemnation.

      I kept the post a little more generic than my Instagram Story responses because there are women who read here who work in that building, and I didn’t want them to be pulled into a political discussion on a fashion blog.

      As for this not taking courage, I have lost opportunities in my profession, I have drawn the ire of some of my former employers, and it is a goddamn risk to be an out Anti-Trumper in this party. But I have been since day one, and no one will muzzle me on that.

      As for continuing to be a Republican, as long as people like Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger, etc. are still in this party trying to save it from Trump and his acolytes, I will be here. But I recognize at some point, I may not be able to keep fighting and may need to make a change.

      • Catherine says:

        Abra, I hope you feel free to block S from commenting on future posts, given their repeated offensive comments.

        • JS says:

          ^ Agreed. Also – S clearly didn’t read beyond the title, because that’s not the kind of face mask recommended here. Brilliant.

        • Belle says:

          I don’t think I’ve ever blocked anyone. I just would prefer to tolerate the occasional negative, off-topic, unnecessary post than start blocking people. The only comments I delete are typically ones that attack other people, not myself.

      • Em says:

        My clapping emojis won’t paste correctly, so I just want to say thank you for jumping in so quickly with such a clear, unequivocal perspective, Abra. It’s clear from all of the other responses that you are well-respected for your honesty and candor here — and this just further proves that.

    • Jenn S. says:

      Uh, what? This isn’t a news site being too gentle or generous with its reporting, and no apologies or excuses were made for the wrongdoers. What the hell is your problem, S? You just came here looking for a damn fight. Lick your wounds and spit your venom elsewhere.

      For context, I’m not a Republican. I respect Abra and her courage to be openly anti-Trump since *before* the 2016 election. I am wholeheartedly of the opinion that those who incited and participated in the siege are terrorists. I’m disgusted, enraged, heartbroken that anyone ever thought any of that was acceptable to do. They should be handled accordingly.

      Demand action from the right people, don’t attack people who share your outrage and sorrow.

      • E says:

        I have to wonder if S is just a troll. There’s plenty of people to be outraged against, but not Abra (who was more gracious in her response than she had to be). S, please go troll Ted Cruz, Hawley, or any of the other folks who greatly deserve all of our ire. Thanks.

    • sierra delta says:

      I have asthma and find it difficult in normal circumstances to breathe in my cotton and linen masks. This morning I was left struggling to breathe when I couldn’t get enough oxygen through the layers of my newest linen mask. I clearly need a better alternative, but shopping in person in my high-Covid-numbers state is out of the question.

      Abra is and always has been principled, conscientious, and honest. I trust her recommendations and take them seriously, no matter when she posts them. I and my fellow citizens have been left stunned, appalled, angered, and heartsick by what happened in Washington this week. And yet today I desperately need a better mask. Today’s post is a godsend.

      Perhaps you’ve confused Abra with someone else and have posted your comment on the wrong blog, S?

    • Anna says:

      Abra has been critical of Trump from day one and has consistently used her platform to speak up about hate and injustice and to share her criticisms of certain wings of her party. Being a Republican does not mean one is a Trump supporter, and while as a fashion blogger, she would have been perfectly justified in staying quiet, she chose to do the hard thing and be critical of her own party. Please take your negativity elsewhere. Just because you go to work the next day doesn’t mean you forget what happened the day before. This is Abra going back to work, and I have no doubt she will continue to do her part in working for justice and equality in the days and months to come.

  7. Meghan says:

    I’ve changed my mentality around masks to consider them like good bras/other foundation pieces. I have to wear it all day, every day, and it’s worth investing a little bit in them. Masks are likely to be around at least for the next six months, and likely far longer, so might have well have some high quality, comfortable and safe ones.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. AShley says:

    I wear a medical grade face mask during my work hours as a therapist but when I’m in my personal life, I prefer these:

    They fit well, stay in place and are very comfortable to wear. They’re not as expensive as some listed here so might be a better option for those of us on spending freezes or lower budgets.

  9. Sharon says:

    Abra, as your work in the legislature wears on, I’m interested in your approach to makeup, particularly since you said you’re skin is prone to maskne. Are there certain products you’re wearing / not wearing? New products you’re trying? Are you focusing only on eye makeup?

  10. Emma says:

    I switched to the Slip silk mask after developing maskne. It has really helped. This one looks more structured, which is nice.

  11. Monica T says:

    Does the exterior of the mask get wrinkled after washing? I have one ‘silky” mask that came out of the last wash cycle all crinkly and it bothered me a surprising amount when I wore it without realizing it. Most of my masks are of cotton or denim and don’t wrinkle at all, but I like the idea of silk masks for when we are less hunkered down ‘safer at home’ and are more trying to get back to normal safely post-vaccine.

  12. Jenn S. says:

    I was already curious about these masks, but your endorsement only piques that!

    Unrelated to masks, I remember seeing a recommendation somewhere on the site not long ago for a fabric shaver/de-piller. I remember your comment that it was worth the elevated price point, but I can’t recall what earned your favor. I’m new enough to devices like that not to have a sense of what might make one stand out. Can you share more?

  13. M says:

    My favorite masks, hands down, are the Tory Burch ones. Surprisingly affordable (about $40 for a five pack) and free shipping from the TB website. The outer layer is silky, the inner layer more of a breathable/athletic fabric. Nose wire and adjustable ear loops. I would have never thought to look at TB for masks but they were recommended by TIBAL.

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