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The Find: Reader Favorite Pajamas

My friend Theresa is the one who convinced me to give up the t-shirts and shorts I often wore to bed in favor of real pajamas.  And I will never go back.  There’s something cathartic about putting on soft, cozy pjs at the end of a hard day.

These pajamas were one of the most purchased items on this blog in 2020.  And once you own a pair, you will not wonder why.

Nordstrom’s Moonlight Pajamas are well-made, incredibly soft, and perfect for winter or summer.  I have washed and worn mine hundreds of times over the past two-plus years, and they’re just starting to wear out.  At the end of every day, these pajamas (I own five pair) are like a warm hug.  They also come in plus-size.

Looking for a less expensive pair that I also endorse?  Target has a nice pair.  I own these and my only complaint is that after three months they are starting to show their age.

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  1. MarIsa says:

    I’ve looked at this pajamas and wanted to click purchase many times, but I’m 5’2 and not sure if I’ll be swimming in them. Are they really long/ would they shrink in the wash?

    December 23, 2020/Reply
    • sara says:

      I’m 5’0 and always am afraid of the same thing. That’s why I always go with shorts. I did find that they have a nightgown from the same line if that’s your sort of thing – https://www.nordstrom.com/s/nordstrom-lingerie-moonlight-nightshirt/3719418

      December 23, 2020/Reply
    • Michelle says:

      I’m 5’9” and pretty leggy. They fit the length of my legs perfectly and did not shrink (any) in the wash, so I imagine that they would be too long for a more petit person.

      That said, I’m less impressed with my moonlight PJs. I always opt for wearing any of my Lake PJs instead (which are buttery soft and worth every penny.)

      December 23, 2020/Reply
  2. Susan says:

    Boy, this is spot on. I have 2 pairs, and I’m sure I will have more. They last even longer if you air dry them – they take only a day to dry, and they look like the day I bought them. They are not just cozy – they are elegant.

    December 23, 2020/Reply
  3. De says:

    I second the stars above recommendation from target. Very soft and I love them. I am 5’2 and they are long on me but not so much that I can’t walk around the house in them.

    December 26, 2020/Reply