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The Find: Earrings for Every Day

A few months ago, I lost a pair of heirloom earrings that my Mother gave me.  I was devastated, am devastated.  I wore them every day for five years.  And since I lost them, I have barely worn earrings at all.  But last week, I noticed my piercings were starting to heal up, so I went hunting for a pair of new earrings.

I initially wanted these Stone & Strand cluster shield earrings.  But $475 just isn’t in the cards right now given the downturn.

So I went hunting for a cubic zirconia stud in a cool cut.  These Asscher-cut studs from QVC were exactly what I was looking for.  They have amazing sparkle, but in a slick cut and simple setting.  They come in your choice of .50ct tw, 1.00 ct tw, and 3.00 ct tw.

I went with the single carat studs.  They’re a nice pair for every day wear that still feels special.

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  1. Jessica C says:

    I can’t recommend locking earring backs enough. I tried to search online for the kind that I have but couldn’t find them. My parents gave me diamond studs for my 17th birthday and I’ve worn them every single day since then. To put in or remove, I have to pinch the back together (it’s actually quite difficult to do but very secure). I got them from my jeweler.

    November 18, 2020/Reply
    • Crystal says:

      I bought the Chrysmela locking earring backs a couple years ago and they have been a GAME CHANGER. Highly, highly recommended. They fit all my earrings, they allow me to ‘tighten’ an earring if it tends to droop, and they don’t come off unless I manually release the spring.

      November 18, 2020/Reply
    • Cait says:

      I’m a huge proponent of taking earrings to a local jeweler to have them refitted with more secure backs! But I know that even with that, sometimes things just get lost and it sucks 🙁
      I do want to note for anyone looking at trying to make earrings more secure, AVOID screw backs unless you only rarely take your earrings off. The threads on the earring post can cause microtears in your piercing when you take earrings on or off, which easily get infected. It happened to me and it is NOT a fun time.

      November 18, 2020/Reply
      • Amy says:

        Thanks for this advice, Cait! It’s very timely as I recently lost a small stud earring (likely due to putting on and taking off my mask). Thankfully it wasn’t a sentimental or very expensive piece, but I’ve been thinking more about switching (at least until the pandemic is over) to more secure earring backs. I saw a few brands offering screw backs and was intrigued. Now I think I’ll steer clear.

        November 18, 2020/Reply
  2. K says:

    Ugh. I have lost jewelry with serious sentimental value like that, and it is such a terrible feeling. I have also had precious lost jewelry mysteriously resurface in the unlikeliest of places, like the glove compartment of an old car days before trading in said car. Prayers to St. Anthony, there may be hope for those earrings yet!

    November 18, 2020/Reply
  3. MJ says:

    I feel your pain. Last year I lost an heirloom ring I used to wear every day, passed down from my grandmother and mom. I quickly grief bought an expensive replacement, just to have something there. This year I finally looked into having a replica made and it’s in production now. I am so nervous to see the final result but remaining hopeful!

    November 18, 2020/Reply