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The Range: Pajama Sets with Shorts

It was 99-degrees yesterday.  So staying cool at night is important, even when my psyche needs the comfort of cozy pajamas.  Here are a few sets that are perfect for summer in different price points.

Corner Office

Costella Bella Pima Boxer and Top Set 

Cubicle Farm

Kate Spade Summer Sleep Short Set

Front Desk

Nasty Gal Emerald Satin Pajamas


J.Crew Factory Pajama Set

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  1. Rachel says:

    Do any ladies have suggestions for shorts pajama sets that don’t include collared shirts? I’m looking to upgrade my “whatever tank top and shorts are clean” routine, but I’m having trouble finding tank top and shorts sets that aren’t lace-covered lingerie. I love (love!) the style of this Lunya set, but can’t stomach the $178 price tag.


    July 31, 2020/Reply
    • Belle says:

      PJ Salvage always has a bunch of styles. I’d have a look at their Zappos page.

      July 31, 2020/Reply
    • Sara says:

      I wanted to love Lunya, and their material is amaizng, but have been incredibly disappointed with their sizing. They don’t let you mix and match sizes of the tops and bottoms of their silk pieces, and the fun colors don’t even come in their “plus” size. However, as a size 14 with hips, their XL shorts are too small and the tops are comically large. They also only offer two plus sizes and lump XL/L and XL2/LX3 together for some of their options, so it’s a big jump between sizes.

      I went to check out their site again, and see they’re making a new tank set that is beautiful but only making it in XS through L. Seriously?

      I bought from Lilysilk instead – they also don’t let you split sizes but they have a lot more options and I found something that worked for me (I think you can have them custom size as well but you pay for it). Similar price if not a bit more, but they’re about to have a huge sale coming up that I’m keeping an eye on. The set I got was a treat to myself for quarantine, and I live in them and do not regret the investment! I hand wash them and they come out great.

      I also bought some from Recliner NYC. They have a shorts set with a t-shirt style top. They do let you mix and match sizes but they sleep a bit hot.

      July 31, 2020/Reply
    • AMANDA says:

      Soma has some great options

      August 1, 2020/Reply